Front Wheel Stand

I am looking for a front wheel stand to use on a road bike that is dedicated to being on my stationary trainer, I don’t want it to be hydraulic like the wahoo, just a good stable stand that attaches direct to fork. Does anyone use one and have any suggestions / where did you get it?


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What problem are you trying to solve? What is your issue with just using your front wheel?

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I want to get rid of my front wheel so I don’t have to lug my pump down into the basement 2 times a year, what a travail. Well, that, and wheel flop from standard bike geometry means that I occasionally am fighting my front wheel while standing. I saw a stand on the FB rocker plate group that looks good. It mounts to a plate at the bottom, but has 4 rubber flex dampers just below the axle for a little bit of motion.

I took an old wheel and tire, removed the tube, and then stuffed the bottom part inside the tire and tube (where the contact patch touches the ground) with stiff foam and effectively made and “airless” tire. Works great.

If what you’re trying to avoid doing is taking your pump to the basement twice a year, this feels like you’re over-engineering a solution … but to each their own.

I think I would buy a low profile wheel block to solve my wheel flop problem. Then get a cheap second track pump to just keep in the basement permanently. Total fix for both your issues for $30 including shipping (if you live in the US, but still really cheap wherever you do live).

:flushed: Man, how big is your pump, lol. Mine weighs all of a couple pounds and takes about 20secs to move from the garage to the basement.

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Get what they call a bedhead or a Block head from Yakama or Thule. Then make a wood platform the right height for your trainer and be done with it.


In all seriousness, this is a refinement and it’s not for everyone. The thing I like about this design is it allows some movement but not too much. I also like the fact that it frees up a few inches of space.

I suppose you have to belong to the rocker plate facebook group to see this:

Personally, I dislike any fork mount that prevents it from turning. I think it places unnecessary strain on the bars, stem and fork. It should be allowed to rotate in the head set.

I basically don’t want to have to keep removing the wheel from my road bike and taking in and mounting it the bike that stays on the trainer so I just want to have a stand for the front of the bike on the trainer to keep it level.

I have a pile of unused front wheels because all the bikes I use outside have dynohubs. So that’s not it for me.

I guess Chad just talked me back into my previous plan of making a stand with a headset in it. And I realized that’s a good use for the junk bike I have in the attic.

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