Do you really need the front wheel?

I have a TACX trainer and a bike without wheels. With direct driver, I do not need the rear wheel. Do I really need the front wheel? Is there some sort of stand for the front fork that can replace the wheel?

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You certainly don’t need it if you want to fashion a stand of some sort, but the trouble it would take to make something solid is probably going to cost more in time/money than finding a front wheel. Almost all my serious cycling friends have a trash wheelset just taking up space. Ask around, I’m sure you can find a free wheel.





No you don’t need a wheel, and it’s been frustrating me for years that there isn’t a cheap stand available out there.

I used a toolbox and a stack of books through the winter, which is annoying if you want to move the bike.

It’s not just the absence of a wheel, I also have limited space and the front wheel takes up noticeable space. Without it, I could move closer to the table in front of me.


Check out truck bed fork mounts. They’re pretty cheap and there are a lot of options under $40. You could secure one to a wooden block or a stool or something. There are also front fork stands from most of the bike rack mfrs but they run $100+


Get a unicycle for your trainer ?

I made a front wheel stand - so i could fit my bike into a shorter area.

Used an old bike stand for the tubing. Its fine for training on - i’d not using if i was zwift racing.


WOW! This is the best idea. Basically I need a U-shaped aluminum channel and some cushioning at the bottom and on top to keep it straight.

…or just a piece of wood with a hole in the middle.

Its got a little foot on it so it does not destory my mat.
I’ve been using it for about 6 months and no issues.

Nearly all my indoor training is seated - so its not been abused / wobbled too much.
I do outside workouts when i really want to pull on the bars as its a more accuate riding style

I’ve seen pictures of people using the axle clamp ( like above ) and using a car axle stand as the base.

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If you end up fashioning your own DIY front fork mount, take care to find the correct height.
Too low will change the geometry and put extra weight on your arms and shoulders.

If there is not a price ceiling, the KICKR CLIMB is worth reading up on, not sure you will save much foreword space though.