Looking for cooling fan recommendations

Yes, those large and high powered fans can push more air. But in my experience, they are much louder for the same cooling effect when compared to the blower fans. So much depends on positioning as well, that people can have a good experience with either style.

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I use both types of fans. I have 3 fans in total. As others have mentioned, it’s louder.

I run the small blowers from the rear, and front, offset so it’s not in my face/chest, and run the big fan perpendicular to me.

The circular is louder for sure. I like the area coverage it gives, which is why I run it across my body.

Also the blowers do get loud, at max, but at low setting it’s considerably quieter than other fans I’ve used.

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Agree that the shop fans are significantly louder, but I find that they cool significantly better (for me). I may not be using that lasko fan right, but I’ve tried it is multiple positions and angles and it’s OK, but not nearly as good as the shop fans.

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I’ve use axial fans forever…

They’re okay, but that centrifugal fan is just in another category.

I still might try to get an axial fan to replace my currently dying one. I’ve got nothing to lose lol

+1 on this fan

Any idea where i can get fans like on the Tacx Bike?
Screenshot 2020-11-28 185056
i think i searched up and down the whole internet, but couldn’t find any :face_with_monocle:

i want to put 2 small fans on my Lifetime table:

any recommandations?

at the moment i use one Honeywell on the table, but it’s a little bit to big:

are the small usb good enough?

Anyway, on the floor i use a Kickr Headwind!

I don’t have experience with it, but the Vornado might fit the bill

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it looks like a good brand, now i have to decide between 2 modells:

2 of them:

or 2 of them:

the pivot looks smaller and think it’s easier to place on the desk, but i prefer a black one

added those 2 smaller Vornados on my new Lifline Desk, they are a very great extension, thanks for the tip!

I placed the Headwind on the ground, optimal position on the lifeline desk, my cooling is now so great, that i don’t need towels during my rides and of course i can wear my Varifocal eyeglasses during the whole training.

An update on my Lasko fan. It has been quite good. It is quiet and very powerful. On the lowest setting it makes me cold. In the winter I have to wear a long sleeve shirt. I give it an A+. Price was not bad either. It was about $70 USD.

I have it mounted on top of a step ladder pointed down at me. That allows the airflow to get over my laptop. And, I have a column fan directly on my legs.

I just ordered the Lasco Model U15617. I personally don’t care about the noise level, I just need to be cool. I heat up really fast. I usually turn up the volume of my music which sort of drowns out the fan noise. I currently use two fans (a small desk fan and a Lasko box fan). I place them on both sides of me with the small fan at my torso and up and the box fan angled up to hit the entire body. I even open the basement windows in the winter to stay cool. I hope the directional blower fan can hit at least my torso and up. The Lasco fan will double as an onsite job fan, too.

Update: This fan is sweet. I am ordering one more.

I have 2 Vornado 630’s and a smaller version on my bike desk.

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