Indoor Cooling for Training

What is the best ( brand or type ) fan for indoor cool. Right now I am using a basic floor/room fan.

Hey Chris! We recommend the Lasko HV Utility Fan 4905 which you can find here:


Thanks I’ll take a look

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I had the honeywell HS-1655 until a few months ago, we were using it during some construction and I think sucked in too much dust and killed it. Allegedly 350cfm. I like it for the price and that it comes with a remote, plus the stand.

I think my dad uses the Lasko 4905 recommended above with some add on remotes. Done some trainer rides with his setup and I like the output but prefer the height of the stand fan.

Will probably end up getting another HS-1655 and also a Lasko 4905.

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Just to give you props. I found this recommendation and bought the fan. Wahoo fans are $240 plus and this was $75. Loaded up my trainer and what a major difference over my previous fans. Thanks for the recommendation it is perfect without the bells and whistles and has made indoor training more enjoyable.