Looking for a 1 hour version of Beacon

Hey guys, I’m scheduled to do Beacon tomorrow and I don’t have a full hour and a half to actually do it. I’m trying to find a 1 hour version, but the minus versions aren’t helping and scanning through the workout library with filters is tedious and not yielding the results.
I’m just looking for something that has like 4x8 minute intervals at 95-99% or something close to that.
If nothing else I can just do 4 of the 6 and stop early, but I hate doing that.


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Gayley, and turn the intensity down slightly?

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Awesome. That looks like it could work. Thanks!

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Saint Elias -2: 4x8-minute intervals at 95-99% FTP with 4-minute recoveries between each.

Should check all the boxes for you, the right interval length you want, and some variation around the 95-99% range like Beacon has.


You could custom build your own version, then you’ve got it in your pocket for the future. I do this via the Workout Creator quite regularly.


+1 for the difficulty of using the workout search filters.

I agree wholeheartedly with this. Copying and adjusting the workouts to fit your needs is fast and easy. I adjust virtually every SSB HV workout now. For example, common changes I make are: recovery intervals are changed from 40 to 60% of FTP, recovery intervals of 12 minutes are reduced to 6, SS max intensity is lowered to 90% from 94%, and warm ups are lengthened.

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It’s such a useful tool.

Thank you! That’s perfect! You’d think that would have popped up with using the filters.

I know I could have used the workout creator, but if I can do it without having to download an extra program that’s always my go to.

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The filters could be smarter for sure, there’s tools out there that could handle the functionality, I’m sure it will fit into their dev schedule at some point though - the catalog is huge, and would be great to get some smart search options.

I usually search workouts on the web version, and if you know the interval length you want - in your case 4x8, just use the “4x8” as your search term, then tick ‘threshold’ as your filter if there are too many to look through. This works for steady blocks of efforts, for VO2 stuff you usually need to use something like “15 seconds” or “2 minutes” as the search term.

Sometimes I also use the % of FTP (ie 140%) as the search then filter down, or another keyword from the workout i’m trying to find an alternate for.