Longer workout to "simulate" group ride

All - I am looking for a nice long workout/ ride (2-3 hrs) that is somewhat close to a group ride (planned breaks every hour or so).

Closest I’ve found is Cartago and maybe even Hooper if I took a break before and after the over-unders.

Disaster looks a bit much but I do like the idea of smaller chunks of work broken up by some endurance.

Any suggestions?

Depends what kind of group ride you’re trying to simulate! They vary hugely. From the easy coffee ride which is 3-5 hours of mostly zone 2 riding, maybe with a few sprints sprinkled in for those that fancy it, to the full on drop ride which is basically a race, and everything in between. Sounds like you’re after something like a drop ride/race simulation in which case the ones you’ve identified are pretty good and you can always extend the cool down (or edit them) if you want to go longer.