Best workout to accompany commuting, longer outdoor rides and coffee rides

Hi All

Im trying to balance “enjoyment” riding, commuting and training. Prior to commuting I would do low volume plans to allow me to fit in weekend rides, but now run out of time to do this due to commuting.

I want to know if you were to choose one TR session each week to fit in with 4 other days of riding, which one(s) would you choose? I was thinking it would be between VO2 Max, Over/unders or 30sec on off and would be a 1hr in duration.

My A event is: 120km granfondo in Mid march, with other goals for Saturday club racing commencing April, where its 24kms with
details of average week is:
Commute twice weekly, 70kms round trip, 2hr 50 total ride time, no PM so an estimated TSS is c.100 combined for both rides. using the TSS estimater I would call it Level 2-3.
Road ride - 55min smash fest - TSS 75, IF 85-90 (with coffee after of course), , Sunday longer ride 2.5-3hrs moderate pace TSS 120-145.

thanks in advance

I have the almost exact same question!

Slight variation for mine is that I do have a power meter on my commuting bike and my 10 mile each way commute is 80% straight country lanes so I could also squeeze some intervals in there if people think that’s wise?

I commute 3 times a week and would prefer to keep a long ride at the weekend too. I’m aiming to do 2 trainerroad sessions a week - maybe a third if weather means I don’t do the long ride.

My goal is to be ready for tuesday night crits starting in April.

Sorry for the thread hijack but thought our situations were sufficiently similar.

For a 1 hour hurt locker session, Baird +2/+3 or Bashful +1/+2 usually do the trick.