Long Shot - Mobile, AL Cycling Community

Have a job offer in the area and would likely be living in Mobile. A concern for me is whether there is any local cycling community nearby. I understand the cycling infrastructure is somewhere between limited and non-existent but I’m still hopeful there are some regular fast group rides and/or amateur racing. Google didn’t turn up much. Would be moving from Chicago where I cherish the scene we have.

I worked in Mobile for about 12 months across 2017 to 2019 with the Navy, so my info might be a little dated.

There is a pretty active scene in the southeast overall. Mobile is not exactly a hot-spot. The best group ride in the area is probably the Fairhope shop ride (across the bay from Mobile) from Pro Cycle and Tri. I did it once, and it was fast… not stupid fast, but fast enough, and about 20-30 riders that particular day. (As an aside, I LOVE Fairhope. I spent my Saturday afternoons there, studying at a coffee shop and eating pizza after).

There are other rides as well around the area, and three years ago when I was there a few strong/fast racers living in and around the city.

Lots of events if you’re willing to drive 2-3 hours (NOLA, Jackson, MS, etc.) and a bunch of cycling events that are in small towns throughout Alabama, MS, and Louisiana, too. You might be surprised. There was one race in Mobile but I missed it the year I was there. I did all ten of my Cat 5 races in New Orleans and Mississippi. Pensacola had an omnium for a while, only about an hour away… not sure it’s still going though.

I would strongly recommend going and visiting Jen, Daniel, Brandon, Alex, and the other awesome folks at Delta Bike Project, a bike co-op in downtown Mobile that fixes and builds bikes for free for the local community. I volunteered there twice a week for six months in 2019, and it was among the best experiences of my life. I learned a TON about working on bikes and built my confidence as a mechanic… but Dan especially was well-connected with the local scene.

Feel free to drop my name (if they still remember me, they probably do!). I miss those guys. :slight_smile:


Hey, that’s my hometown. Second for the pro cycle ride, its short but it’s a good group. It’s a shame, but it does seem that the Pensacola omnium is not still going, but in general you might find more of a cycling community over that way. It tends to be a bit more fitness forward than Mobile. There’s a decent tri scene too, with a sprint tri right in fairhope that at least used to get 600+ iirc.

Local shop owner in Pcola told me the Pensacola Omnium race director’s spouse died in 2019. It was canceled that year then I’m guessing they just let it go after COVID. Can’t blame them.

Fairhope here. Mobile has many daily group rides for fast or slow riders and the two “carpe” faster rides seem to have huge groups tues and thurs. Same for Fairhope. There’s a handful of active racers Cat 1-3 I know in Mobile and some strong gravel/mtb racers as well. Mississippi has a good gravel race series through the winter and there’s some great racing throughout the AL state too.

Forgot about the carpe rides. Was never able to make it because of the time but yeah, heard they were good ones.

Coincidence, my wife and I are both wearing our Delta Bike Project t-shirts this morning. :smiley:

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