Long endurance ride 3-4h on recovery week

Should i do a long endurance ride on a recovery week between base and build?

If you regularly ride that kind of duration and know you can handle the stress without any undue fatigue then go for it. If your rides are normally all <120 minutes then probably not a good idea, that kind of jump in duration is likely to tire you out and impact your recovery.


If the focus of the week is recovery, ask yourself ‘how will this ride impact the aim of the week?’

If you normally do your long rides at much high intensity, then it may be ok.
if you normally do much longer endurance rides , then it may be ok.

But if this is the norm (or upper limit) for your endurance rides … intensity / duration … then it will probably negatively impact the aim of the week

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Last week was my recovery after SSBII I’ve skipped 3 of the TR recovery trainings and made 2 outdoor rides (one was already in the plan as a group ride) and with this changes I’ve made 7h28 instead of the 7h45 planned and 393TSS instead of the 383TSS in the plan. I’ve made only 3 rides (Tuesday, Friday and Sunday) instead of the normal 5 training days, but with the new year party in the middle of this week I think I’ve managed well the changes necessary in this particular recovery week.Adpat and adjust as long has you don’t compromise recovery.

I generally keep my club weekend spin, if I can get out. Obviously that’s the end of the recovery week. It’s probably a compromise on the recovery, mentally I think there’s other benefits, such as socialising!

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