Long climbs sustained power

My goal for 2020 is a long climb in the alps the time i think i will use is about 1 hour 35 + minutt i was thinking about the speciality plan for climbing road race buth this will be sustained power so maybe the best is to train for time trail 40k because i think i need some long interval sessions,could this be the best plan to get the best possible time for me ?
I am finished SSB 1-2 and started sustained power build.

I would go with TT speciality but whichever speciality you choose, beware of cadence. I would do som maths and figure what cadence-band are needed for the climb and make sure I am able to do sustained efforts in that.

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I had the same questions last year (and this year) when training for the Marmotte.
I basically tried to get the longest versions of these workouts in Trainer Road or sometimes I altered them in the workout builder. I tried to get the pacing to about 80 - 85% for the longest ones (1hr 30 min)

I also rode a few tacx videos, same climbs as the granfondo itself.

The typical recommendation for this sort of thing is the Century specialty. It’s pretty much the specialty version of Sustained Power Build.

I agree with the low cadence practice. I wouldn’t do it for all intervals, but getting used to 10-20 min sweet spot at 75 rpm or so might be helpful.

I think it’s very much down to you and your needs. I am training for some french alps climbing this summer and the Plan Builder puts me onto a Climbing Road Race speciality, which I think is a great idea, despite some of the long sustained climbs I will take on. I can see why you would favour the TT plan, but the Climbing Road race also includes sustained efforts mixed in with some efforts that will help with the way a day in the saddle in the alps is likely to go. I did it last year for the Etape, and it was perfect. Your plan though buddy.