How to ride on Long Climbs? Pacing, Trainin Plan? Maybe a podcast =D

Hey Guys, It´s been a while since I start training on TR and now I am so proud to say that my FTP is 226 and this gave me a good 4.1 W/Kg (short and Skinny guy), enough to beat some mates :metal:t3:

About the Topic I am from Colombia :colombia: and down here there´s a lot of huge climbs, and huge I mean from about 10 to 30 km + (6 to 18 miles / 45 minutes to 2 hour or so), I love this type of cycling (A lot of climbing), my question is how should be the pacing or racing strategy on this type of climbs, should I train sustained power and try to hit it at FTP, or should I go zone 3 50% zone 4 25% zone 5 to the end? Is kind of confusing, I know that we have to train the way we want to ride but combining this with the pace strategy confuse me, I dont know if a have to do de classic 2x20 or try some over unders, or try to climb at sweet spot… I already listen almost all the podcast but cant find one of them with this focus, should be nice to talk in one of them about training and racing the type of stages like “tour de france or giro de italia style” lots and long climbing stages. Since I Started with TR I do sweet spot base > Sustained Power > Climbing RoadRace, but I think this approach is more to shorter climbs, not the big ones. Thanks Ps: Sorry 4 bad english


If you want to be able to surge past people climbing road race is where you want to be. If you just want to time trial up the hill you could do the century plan instead.


If you’re doing these climbs just to beat friends and not in a race scenario you’re probably best off just trying to improve FTP. I think it was mentioned on the podcast that the 40K TT plan could be used for hourish climbs where it’s just about having a high W/kg.

For pacing I would use the performance analytics page and see how long it will take you to go up the climb then look at your max power for this duration. Then try to average this power when climbing and make sure you don’t start off too hard.

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