London-Edinburg-London postponed to 2022

Hi Audaxers and other long distance riders.

2021 starts off just like 2020 with some bad news. LEL has been officially postponed to 2022.

On the one hand, this is understandable and we hope that this year we can turn the corner and return to normal by 2022. On the other…man, the one thing I was looking forward to this year has changed. Maybe going to try some other long distance events this year instead of this ride.



Not a complete surprise. Thanks for sharing. (Oh yeah, Happy New Year too!)

Here in the US, not a single Grand Brevet (1200K) was sanctioned in 2020. Only one was even held and no rider received “credit” with any governing body.

Hopefully most of the other, much smaller events are still held in late 2021. LEL was to be the biggest of all events, but smaller events will have much more rider spacing and less non-riders providing support as well…

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I’m not surprised either but…I did put the 2021 LEL event as the “big event” for this year for me. Not a great way to start out the first day of 2021!

That said, I’m hoping that around june-july time events become normal again. Really want to get out of the house and do some of these events. Part of me thinks that due to the Pandemic, I’m going to appreciate the ability to go out for a long ride way more than I ever have.

This was already announced at the end of October, so not really a bad start of 2021. But let’s hope that some other events will go on.

Thats strange. I’ve kept looking at the site for the past few months and didn’t see anything. Oh well. At least if anyone is searching on these forums they can see it too now.