Logging in as an Inactive User is a Hassle


I just resubscribed to TR for a year after ditching it for Zwift for a month. I’m sick of the updates and server issues (especially from China) in Zwift. Getting on the bike and pedaling is the easiest in TR.

Anyway, to the point — when I decided to come back, I logged in to the desktop app, expecting it to redirect me to the payment portal to renew, but instead, it just displayed a message telling me to renew.

I feel like adding a link to the page with the resubscribe button would be a good idea. I almost reconsidered because I’m lazy and it was a somewhat impulsive decision fueled by my rage at Zwift

Happy pedaling,

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Hey @evrevzbcm,

I agree that this would be a solid addition that could make the re-onboarding process much quicker and easier. I’ll pass your suggestion onto the team :+1:.