Little app fanfare at end of a ride?

Every time I complete a ride I get the little fanfare showing how much I have impacted the various performance / endurance progression levels and calcs. This did not happen with my scheduled ride yesterday. It was a hard one so I can’t imagine it didn’t count in improvement…just nothing.

Did any of your progression levels increase With this workout? I think you only get when you increase (possibly only primary progression type) progression levels.

I don’t know because I didn’t have them noted prior. I have never not seen it show that evaluation at the end of each ride. This one was the hardest time completing I have had in some time, which would lead me to think there should have been some impact.

Look at your calendar. Is the activity Achievable, Productive, or Stretch?

Open your completed workout on the web, and you can see what changes (if any) might have been applied to your PL’s.


You need to buy a trumpet for a family member.


ok, so despite it hurting quite a bit, I did not progress for the first time (damn)

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Progress is not linear [just in case anyone was missing Amber] :sunglasses:


Yup, no “celebration” for a dead level result, at least as far as PL tracking goes.

Largely aside, but an experience like that might be worthy of review to understand why an “Achievable” workout right at your current PL felt particularly tough. Usual questions on fueling, rest, stress, etc. to consider.


Well rested, decent fuel. recent FTP bump


@Chuck_Tatham I’ll give you some fanfare! The Priest +4 is (for me… and probably many others) hard AF!

**Kudo’s for nailing it – regardless of the progression level. Seriously. **



@Jack_Russell_Racing I feel much better now! It looks innocent enough and the TSS rating on it isn’t that bad but man…felt like a couple years ago when I first joined TR when I was bailing part way through workouts…but I managed to eke it out. Only to be deprived the little flying swirls and such and a few percentage point ticks on a mythical progression. :slight_smile:

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