Limited Time but Maintaining Form Ideas

Hello everyone,

I’ve got a couple of busy weeks at work coming up. Over a two week period I’m going to be working about 14 hours a day, with three days off. They fall on weeks 3 and 4 of my current training plan (rolling road race - mid volume.)

Does anyone have any ideas for short workouts I could do (mainly for week 3) to prevent loss of fitness? I don’t want to force the current workouts in and end up sleep deprived.



You could look into the “Time Crunch” plans specifically, and either do them or pick workouts from them.

Thanks Chad!

Would you say there’s much value in trying to force a disgusting 30 minutes at FTP type effort?

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Depends on the racing a bit, but I don’t see that being as productive compared to the higher intensity efforts in the plan above. It seems most of the decisive moments in a race are at that top end when you do or don’t hang on to the tail of a group, or pull away (the real goal :stuck_out_tongue: ) of a race.

With restricted time and days, I think intensity and variability of those above are more likely to mimic the demands than a threshold effort (that could be more relevant for TT-like efforts).

Cheers again!

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I’d suggest you take a look at the taper weeks (last two weeks of the specialty plans) from Rolling Road Race mid volume. There will be some short sharp efforts in those weeks that match your plan and are intended to keep your fitness engaged while reducing time and volume.

I think they are things like Joe Devel -4 - if you can fit those in they might be ideal for where you are in the plan