Lightweight alternative to Brooks Cambium C15 carved?

So, the Brooks Cambium C15 Carved fits me - really well. I can sit on it for hours on end, no problem.

The only challenge? It weighs 420 grams (the carved version; the full version weighs 450g). Most saddles weigh about 200-220 grams, so I could save nearly half a pound of bike weight if I could find a good substitute. It’s not a season-ender by any means, but it would be nice to find a good alternative…

I’ve been experimenting with a few saddles to see if I can find another saddle that works as well. No luck so far. Here’s what I’ve tried:

  • That WTB saddle that comes stock with most MTBs
  • Ergon SM Pro MTB Saddle
  • Tioga Spyder Stratum
  • Selle Italia SLR Flow (S size)
  • Selle Italia Novus Boost Superflow S3

Any suggestions of saddles to try, or other approaches to take? I think that my sit bone width is right around 140mm (I expect that Selle Italia L saddles are too wide, but I haven’t tried one yet).

Thanks in advance!

If you can find one, the Bontrager Serano saddles seem similar in shape. Despite not having a clear recess, it has a mid section meant to relieve pressure. They come in a couple of trim levels and weights similar to your goal.

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I have a Bontrager Verse Comp in 165mm width on my Surly Krampus combined with a dropper post - so comfortable that I can wear ordinary shorts all day on trails. Couple of my friends who have Brooks saddles have said they rate it highly. Obviously not the same shape as the C15.

You can always ask a lbs if they have a supply of test saddles in stock to try. Be warned, they’ll be baby-bog yellow.


Thanks Chad! Super quick - I’m checking them out now!

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So @mcneese.chad, given the detailed responses you’ve given to a variety of topics, I’ve got to ask:

Is your incredibly detailed knowledge in such a variety of areas in cycling due to:

  1. Working in the industry (I think I saw that you’re at a shop?)
  2. A set of resources that you could share (in which, would love to see them!)
  3. Something else?

Regardless, thanks so much for everything you’re providing!

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  1. Yes, I am a current, part-time employee at a shop that sells Specialized and Trek as the main lines (along with other fringe brands). I’ve been there officially for around 8 years, but been an active customer at this shop since 1993, so we go WAY back. My PT job is the shop’s bike fitter and have done it since being trained in 2014, so that is where a lot of my bike fit, saddle and related info is based.

  2. Nothing concrete here, unfortunately. Most of it is based upon what I have seen and handled in my years with the shop (before & during employment), along with a very active roll in many cycling disciplines since 1993. Any actual hard resources are the shop specific ones that are not open to the public, but I share what I can when appropriate.

  3. See above, lots of time (wasted? :stuck_out_tongue: ) spent in pursuit of all-around knowledge. Most of it on my own with lots of reading and discussion at shops over the decades, with some coming from formal training (3 winters at the Specialized Body Geometry school from 2014 thru 2016).

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Brooks Cambium is a unique saddle… good luck.

The net saddle shape is what Prologo calls “curved” (one position saddle with a big valley in the fore-aft middle. The sides are very flexible. This will be a less pronounced curve - Scratch M5 PAS | Prologo

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