Light Beer vs Non-Alcoholic Beer

Wanted to add a couple cents since 95% of the beer I drink is NA:

The Athletic stuff is the best of the American small brewers, particularly the Free Wave Hazy IPA, the Cerveza Athletica, and the All Out Dark.

The only other NA that I’ve had that I like is Sam Adams Just The Haze, which is really good as well.

(If you like Heineken, their “0.0” tastes exactly like Heineken. Make of that what you will.)


This is super weird thread to stumble on because I just tried Athletica Cerveza post ride at our local trail that serves tacos and beer on Tuesdays. I was a big fan and will probably pick up some for just weekend. I just dropped alcohol because usually the timing of one drink seems enough to wreck my sleep. I’ll have to try a few others on this list.


I see the Indian piss ale phase is now sweeping America, do not succumb to the trend, a proper pint of bitter or a nice mild is more than enough, if your feeling risky you can a pint of mixed.

IPA is horrible stuff, it really is :slight_smile:

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Unless one likes IPA of course, which millions do. Good job not everyone has the same tastes huh? :wink:


This guy’s a UK blogger on low/no-alcohol beers, and I’ve found his reviews to be very useful (reliable!):



It`s tongue in cheek, stop thinking everything you read on the internet is the new gospel according to whoever, I perfectly aware that millions like IPA (or think they do) :slight_smile:

Stop thinking everyone on the internet can discern your intent from black and white text without further context. Unfortunately, the internet is full of…people, and you know what they’re like :wink:

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Great link thanks for sharing. Looks like I am going to rapidly extend my NA beer choices! :slight_smile:

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I’ve been getting targeted ads for Athletic brewing for a couple months but didn’t really believe the claims. This thread made me grab a few NA beers at the grocery store last night though. I tried Sober Carpenter IPA which is a Canadian NA micro brewery. I thought it was quite good, the first sip was not quite the beer flavour I expected but then the hoppyness came through and it felt like drinking a regular beer. I’ll try a few other NA beers. Seems like they’ve come a long ways from the crap that used to be available.

Thanks to this thread for opening my eyes!


What drives me nuts is that increasingly IPA comes to drive out other varieties. “We’ve got both kinds of beers: You can either have a 6% IPA, or an 8% DIPA!”

Once in a blue moon you’ll come across something billed as an “English style pale ale”. Crack it open and, lo and behold…it’s a 5% IPA!


Recently got this in my monthly cycling goodies subscription box. Forgetting the recovery angle that they are marketing, the beer actually tastes really good - has some of the body that you lack with NA beers

have you tried a blue moon? they’re belgian whites :stuck_out_tongue:


I tried athletic brewing hazy IPA from a promoter after a race and it was ok, not sure if it was the NA part or the fact I crashed 20 minutes prior but just tasted kinda weird. Maybe it was an off day for me and I’ll try again depending on what it costs compared to normal beer

Typically alcohol has a negative effect on performance and training. What about NA? Any studies out there?

I don’t know of any studies, but they are isotonic and some have some amount of calories. Both are good in my book.

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I don’t very much care for IPAs. And much to my chagrin I noticed that a lot of craft beer manufacturers seem to be going the IPA route.

Of course, I am not dinging IPAs, you do you. I just think there is strength in variety. :slight_smile:

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I guess I’ll have to try the NA stuff again.

I don’t remember it being that satisfying. I spent a year in Kuwait and all I could drink was the NA stuff. It never satisfied like a real beer.

If I wanted something I liked but was NA I feel like I’d do a coke zero or just a sparkling water.

Do you get that chill relaxed feeling with NA stuff?

Bud light is the best for me. Really love that taste

I think the alcohol tends to be responsible for those feelings, at least that’s how I feel when I drink alcoholic beer. I drink a lot of NA beer because I still like the taste and bubbles, plus it’s refreshing. I get hangovers really easily so I limit real beer to a few a year at social functions, or after a massive ride. The craft NA beer is getting pretty good though, there’s a stout I tried that nailed the thick mouthfeel and roasted flavours. I’ve had some decent IPAs too, and there’s a few wheat beers that aren’t too bad either.


I wouldn’t consider 3.5% low alcohol