Olympic MTB LIve Discussion (Spoilers)

Who’s watching live?

This course is insane!


kinda, but not. tuned in late. mvdp, lawn dart.

OMG on crash of MVDP

Wild course for sure. Rough crash for MVDP.

yeah, it’s over for him. no way to catch up at this level. will Nino pull it off?

Nino looking strong for sure

Nino not messing around.

NZ commentator just suggested that Schurter is the greatest technical mountain biker of all time…discuss…

Fluk looks good and HA might have went out too hot.

surprise, surprise…


HA is pretty much always all or nothing. Don’t think he has the legs having not raced the world cups

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Ugh these announcers

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where are you watching? I’m on nbcsports, no announcers at all. signed up for YouTube tv, but it’s not showing there unless I’m missing something.

NBC streaming on my Mac. TP taking some poor lines btw, wonder if that will matter late in the race.

Cink is lapping fastest at the moment…give him another lap and he may have his nose in front…

HA is done

Was thinking the same thing. Looks wasted

ah, they are just low. can’t hear them. turned on subtitles and can barely make out their voices. don’t want to turn it up since it’s late and loud environmental sounds with the surround.

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Not so sure that this course suits Lecomte. Maybe she won’t ride away tomorrow?