2021 USAC Pro Road Nationals tracking

Is there any place to track live results?

This and the USAC insta account seem to be the best places I’ve found:

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Anyone following along? Have T&S opened on www.livelynxresults.com. TT is today.

Tejay is 57s ahead of 2nd place, Drake Deuel, who has some savage KOM times (he has Lookout Mountain in Golden).

It shows just how insane WT riders are, even when compared to elite former rowers and top KOM riders. Not a bad way for Tejay to retire!

edit: Lawson Craddock is in the next wave and is up 5s from Tejay in the first split



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And he’s getting smoked by the WT guys. Yikes!

Lawson up 29s on Tejay… waiting for Chad Haga to come through.

Granted, he has the potential, just needs to go through their systems.

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He did. Brennan Wertz is also a former elite rower. He smoked everyone locally last year, but was beat by Serghei Tvetcov at the last round (by 2s in a 10 mile TT).

Brennan did both Unbound and Tulsa.

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Wish there was a way to watch, not just result track, damn.

EF has to be happy with the current results though. I wonder if Craddock can hold onto first!


It should be on FloBikes.

And it wraps up just as I typed that last comment lol.

Congrats to Craddock!

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From what I can tell, they have the crit and RR, not the TT. I could be missing something though.

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Ah lame. I went with GCN+, so missing out on all of it.

I dont know if they will stream it, but our local tv station is a sponsor of the weekend. Www.wate.com

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Is anyone else’s sound intermittent on Flo?

I ended up resubscribing to Flo, even though their app and coverage is a mess. So far the coverage has been advertisements repeating themselves and the actual coverage has no audio.

Yeah. The audio is only working on the ads.

I did a monthly with the idea of dropping it. Sound working now, but the camera direction is a little left to be desired.

It’s nice that the audio levels are such that the public announcers over the live speakers is as loud as the broadcast announcers. It’s an immersive experience. The video itself is super pixelated for me.

L39ion with the Crit Nat Women’s win. Nice.

I feel like there is a lot of pressure on Coryn this weekend as a lot of people are calling her selection to the Olympic team into question. She got 3rd in this.

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It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. L39ion showed a lot of cards last week and this field is arguably deeper.

Still team TT’ing it at the front.