Level 13.1 Anaerobic workout

What’s the highest level workout you’ve completed?

From a fascat plan … wasn’t that hard. Must break the leveling algorithm :upside_down_face:

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I thought I had an 11.3 but I was interrupted and had to cut it short:

A perfect 10 for me :slight_smile:

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I can’t claim to get anywhere near 13.1 :sweat_smile:. These seem to be two of the hardest I’ve done so far. Only a few days apart as well. I’ve done Polar Bear a few times now.

My toughest Sweetspot. My toughest endurance seems to be Longfellow at 8.1.

My highest seems to be a 9.9 for a (not so) sweet spot session. Although I think my custom 20 mins test with a 9.8 in VO2 max was harder as were my 6.6-7.0 threshold sessions (Unicorn-1, Dardanielles -1/-2 and Dunderberg -1) . :thinking:

Outdoors Gibbs+1 and Bays +1 workouts don’t have any level for some reason although other TR identified outdoors work outs (like the SS 9.9) are identified. :thinking: :thinking:

I may have done more intense sessions in the past but that was pre trainer road :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Gotta love cyclists. Any new metric immediately results in yet another pissing contest :rofl: :rofl:


The TR guys mentioned in the other thread that the system doesn’t really calculate the level value the same for custom workouts. So they’re not really comparable to TR workouts.


I believe they have said the leveling doesn’t work quite right for custom workouts.


So what you’re saying is…I’m winning? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not anymore… :upside_down_face:


(I think something is broken with the difficulty algorithm for sprint workouts)

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It’s been mentioned twice in the thread already but it’s being missed, the levels for custom workouts are not working properly yet and do not correspond to the official library of workouts.


:sweat_smile: Still winning then :muscle:


Ive completed this 2 workouts in the past…

Phoenix 2 was not as hard as I expected (it was hard), probably because i had close to 1000 calories before the wo and consumed close to 800 on the ride!

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I’ve done that one twice… the second tine with a FTP 30 watts higher was almost a miss

Ah, Levels.

Finally a way to incentivize people to LOWER their FTPs.


I think I might be a champion of this thread :smiley:

Looks like there’s nothing harder than 4DP profiling


“Time for an FTP test.” :sunglasses:

Sprints seem to bust the algo hard

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I would think that if a workout with a .94 IF “wasn’t that hard”, you’ve gotten some gains that should result in upward FTP adjustment or adjustment to power targets for threshold and above. Anything over .92 IF for me and I’m absolutely toasted and empty by the end, and I’d expect that would be the case for most folks.

It looks like you did that particular FasCat workout in ERG mode. I would probably suggest you don’t do that. The description says that the last minute should be “FULL GAS”. So I would probably turn off erg and just pedal your brains out till the beeps. I just happened to come across this thread and did the same workout yesterday on dumb trainer and just went balls out on the final minute and killed myself.

But same as you, I think at this point in the plan my FTP has gone up. So if I had done the workout as prescribed it would have been tough but not “diabolical”. But that minute all out had me dead.

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Anyone managed a higher HR than me….