Let's see your paincave!

What size room is all that in? I’ve always wanted a room like this and it looks like an efficient use of the space.

Its just a regular bedroom. Maybe 11x11

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I feel a Christmas gift coming along (from Santa to me). Do you have a picture of how you organize the weights/barbell?

Loving the artwork :+1:

Looks like a great space to get into it.

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The plates hang on the wall in the closet and the barbell is in this vertical holder beside the rack.


Main space is about 17’ x 22’

Small area with heavybag and TRX is about 10’ x 10’

Here’s a shot from the other side. Kind of an odd layout. Hope that helps.


Yes, these are horse stall mats. 3/4" They are pricey, but worth the money. I spent about $400+ just in horse stall mats alone. They have been bulletproof so far. I used Gorilla Tape to tape the seams between each one to hold them together and keep debris out of the cracks. Worth the investment, for sure.

Wife and I built a garage gym as our Xmas present to ourselves, so along with my basement paincave/bike shop setup, I’m quickly running out of excuses.


I put this in from wall to wall, but you can buy edge pieces to make it smaller if desired. It’s not impermeable because of the interlocking tiles, but in my experience unless you are pouring buckets on them, it’s a great surface, particularly for large areas. And it’s thick!


I bought a couple of these, but haven’t had a chance to put them down yet. They’re a bit expensive but are high quality (and heavy).

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Picked up a cheap TV on Black Friday and made a big push to reorganize my setup over the past two weeks.


If I had that much room and ceiling height, there’d be a golf simulator in there too!

Oh there is. Not, like, one with the whole radar launch thing, but a net and piece of turf to hit off of.


What’s the brand or manufacturer of this cabinet? Looks neat.

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Vadolibero - but be warned. It is best to be seated and not drink hot liquids during googling the MSRP…
:+1: :joy:

I’m loving the symmetry you’ve achieved. My OCD is so happy!!

With the illuminated, coloured keyboard, this is the type of setup I’d imagine Daft Punk or Kraftwerk to be using :grinning:


Won’t those big screens make intervals look longer? :grin: I still want one though.


I don’t have that big a laptop but I find it a bigger motivator when I can accurately judge a long interval, what I’ve done and how long I’ve got to stick it out for :joy:

But the yellow power/progress line moves faster, too!


No issues with TR on Surface Pro 4? I’m running Zwift on ATV, but will begin TR in January and was hoping SP4 would be sufficient.