Paincave Recommendations

Planning on finishing our paincave/storage room into a proper room.
I’ll be using it for cycling and weights.
Wife will mostly be using it for yoga, weights, cardio.
I’d like some recommendations on things to add or avoid prior to getting started on this.
I’d like to add a squat rack and also some electrical in the ceiling so I can hang fans which I have found really convenient.
Unfortunately, all of our AV stuff runs into the room right now so we are thinking of creating a closet to contain this which will take up some space. The current dimensions of the room are 11’x17’.

My wife insisted on a ballet barre on one wall and it has actually turned out to be useful. She uses it for barre stuff but I use it for some stretches and to store stretch bands and it has become my go to lean on spot when things get hard during strength work :wink: Its also got a big mirror behind it which is nice.

Spec out exactly where you need electrical outlets in relation to the trainer and any other powered device to keep things neat and uncluttered. Since you’re starting with bare walls, that’s basically free as long as you plan in advance.

Maybe plan to put AC vents near where you will be riding the bike. That way you can maximize the cool air.


I just made this video with some suggestions, hopefully it helps.

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Nice video, the carpet dryer fan finanly gave me the hint to find a solid fan here in The Netherlands :slight_smile:


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Then double it. You can never have enough outlets. And get some with built-in USB.