Let's see your paincave!

Can you follow a session on this treadmill like on a turbo, ie, it adjusts speed according to a set session?

Not that I am aware of. I suppose you could follow by HR or RPE, or by using Stryd (measure power while running), and sort of follow a cycling plan for running. Sounds suboptimal at the very best.

TR for running is an idea @Nate_Pearson could comment on, perhaps?

Some existing discussion, but nothing concrete:

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Thanks. I was wondering if you could programme it for, for example, something like 8x800m and it would self adjust to a certain pace.

I didn’t mean following a tr session, just a prescribed running session.

With a better trainer (smart trainer), multiple fans, a rocker plate, a dedicated table , etc indoor training becomes much more tolerable and even fun


Goes a long way. On days where you WANT to workout, then it’s just a bonus, but on days where you’re really borderline? It’s nice to have fewer barriers to entry. People can say HTFU all they want; I fully support the idea of making your training space as nice as possible. Building positive associations and actually WANTING to do it is always going to be a better long term solution than ‘dealing with it,’ if you have a choice.


Run both TR and Zwift on surface pro 4 without an issues, have done for years . Do have a usb fan from power supply pointing at back of Pro4 to prevent any chance of CPU throttling. Also have a usb hub connected for both ant+ dongles, one for each application.

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Thanks! I’ll give it a go soon, and good tip on the fan. SP4 does get hot quickly.

For those looking for an upgrade desk, the Lifeline/Rad turbo desks seem to be in stock with some UK retailers.

They have been out of stock for a while! I’ve been looking new/second hand for ages.

https://www.tweekscycles.com/uk/lifeline-trainer-table-hot649459/ £100

Wiggle/Chain reaction also have them but £15-20 more.

Got that one from chain reaction a while ago and works well and good price also.

My 9-5 workspace becomes my after hours training place, recently removed a lot of junk and “decorated”. Kitty litter to help open up the airways


I have run zwift and TR on a sp4 and it was fine, no issues at all.

So glad you posted this! I was thinking of making my pain cave in a room with a liter box. Our liter box is hidden inside a China hutch base with closed doors minus the entrance. I was curious as to whether or not the dust would be bad on the lungs. How do you deal with it? You scoop pretty regularly I’m hoping! Haha

I scoop generally every day. Dust isn’t bad I guess, it doesn’t linger in the air but settles on stuff after a while. I do make sure to clean/wipe the bike and trainer regularly too, also use a vacuum cleaner on the trainer vents

now i updated my Paincave to 2.0 :joy:

added this awesome pictures of @PusherMan to my wall behind:

added a Lifeline Desk (same as the Kickr but cheaper) and bought 2 new Vornado fans
because they are relatively small and take up little space at the table:

I placed the Headwind on the ground, optimal position on the lifeline desk, my cooling is now so great, that i don’t need towels during my rides and of course i can wear my Varifocal eyeglasses during the whole training.

I also started an experiment with mirrors, with these 2 cheap Ikea mirrors I now try to pay more attention to my knees and symmetry during my training:

thanks to all for the inspiration in here! :facepunch:


The mirrors are an excellent idea!


Thank you for the shoutout. They look great :+1::biking_man:

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How bad is the slope? Usually you can balance the trainer by adjusting it’s legs, but if you can’t you can always put something to act as a shim to get it leveled. I use a level bubble app on my phone to balance my bike in. Your fan placement looks fine. I tend to put mine closer though since I sweat a lot lol.

this Ikea mirrors are really designed for indoor cycling :rofl:

bought 2 of them, the size is optimal, one for the left and one for the right side of the tire


Another Cyclist/Climber, good to see there are more of us :slight_smile:

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