Pain Cave Advice

So…Yesterday I came home to a fire in my pancave…a large battery i left charging burst into flames and the chargers, bookshelf and wall were all on fire…on our anniversary right before dinner…put fire out…moved burnt stuff outside, turned fan on, cleaned up and went to dinner and stayed at a hotel, so not a total loss of the evening. Luckily no bikes were damaged and now I’m cleaning everything from the smoke and figuring out all the repairs. I’d like some advice on how to put it together.

I have two TVs mounted on the wall, one with a Mac Mini for TrainerRoad and that other program to run at the same time, then one with a cable TV box and apple TV for entertainment. On the adjacent wall I’m hanging my bikes with the pedal hangers.

I will be replacing a lot of drywall from the fire so I will clean up all the wire routing again and painting. Anyone have any good clean paint schemes?

I’d also like to find a clean storage solution for bike gear, helmets, shoes, nutrition, tools, etc, any suggestions?

I have a kicker with the wahoo table and two fans.

Anything else I should add?

Thanks! This is my therapy from coming home to 3 foot flames after work! I’m just glad it wasn’t worse

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Black and Tour de France yellow? I’ve read that red is a good color for a workout room, but all blood red walls might be a bit much: maybe a dark red on the wall behind the TVs (so you’re looking at it, so the TV isn’t competing with the bright white reflected around it)? You can take your favorite phrases from Chad’s workout text and memorialize your pain on the walls, even.

Something like the Container Store Elfa stuff would work well. Large ventilated drawers for helmets and shoes, smaller enclosed drawers for tools, plus shelves, a small workbench, and even closet rods for hanging kits.

For storage I just use free standing draws around the edge of the room for tools and spare bits and pieces but also I put wall mounted (Ikea) shelving just above head height around a good part of the room. Fairly simple and not too costly

I use it for helmets nutrition, small tool boxes and other bits and pieces and keeps them accessible and out of the way. The lower shelf I put up next to the bike and trainer for water bottles, remote controls and the like when I’m riding.


I keep trolling through the other pain cave thread and I noticed that @Butlerbiking had a pretty nice set up for a lot of helmets, shoes, etc.:

I’m pretty sure that’s a few of the IKEA Lack wall units…

Thats exactly What it is. 3 ikea Lack Wall shelfs :wink:

Sorry to hear that! You are really lucky that the house didn’t burn down, so while that particular evening may have been ruined, that’s still worth a beer in hindsight.

If you plan to keep charging in the room, add a battery safety box with charging possibility to the list. Battery fires are not uncommon.

Something like this can withstand the fire for about 30 minutes:

There are also containers that last longer, but they are more expensive.

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