Let's see your paincave!

If I had room I’d consider. The skierg looks great

Skierg looks good but why get it? Serious question coming from a non user

I have a RowErg but have been considering the SkiErg as a compliment. The RowErg is primarily leg and posterior dominant while the SkiErg appears to be arm/upper body and anterior dominant movement… I can see doing both as a great full body workout.

While in theory it sounds like the perfect combination I’m not entirely sure I’d actually use it as often as I should to justify spending the money.

How’s that Neo bike experience been now that you’ve had it for a while? And do those little fans even make a difference :joy:

I want one badly. Even got buy in aka approval from the wife. When making the sales pitch to my wife, she interrupted to ask if I had already bought it and when it was going to arrive :sweat_smile: At the time, I was about to order the Kickr bike. But I held off since I am really not feeling the Wahoo love and would prefer the Neo. Lastly, I would prefer to get a 2nd generation bike :man_shrugging:

I found the flag post inspirational! Got me thinking that purely from a performance maximization perspective, a Trump 2024 flag right in front of my Kickr might illicit a physiological response when doing intense interval work that could be productive. If I can channel said response towards a facilitative end rather than a debilitating one. Could elevate my paincave to a PAINcave!


Yes, cross training for muscular balance while still giving a kick ass cardio workout. Didn’t come through on my post, but there was a bit of tongue-in-cheek about continuing to add Concept2 stuff. I also have a bias as a biathlete/cross country skier since it’s very specific to those sports. And if the CrossFit games had heavy skierg use how could it not be a good thing? :crazy_face:


I don’t have one but based on some reviews I’ve seen, its popular because it is an extremely convenient way to get an intense cardio workout and it does not take up much floor space. No set up, no strapping in, etc - you can literally walk up to it and instantly be hammering your self. Really good for mixing in with circuit type workouts which is I assume why it its popular with the lifting crowd.


I quite enjoy Coop’s reviews.

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I still love it and so smooth. Every time I ride I enjoy the silence and how it is no frills. The fans are meh but at least they are there and the console is very useful. It is quite rigid but honestly better than I expected and was coming from a N2T (still have as backup). I have v1 with original cranks and no problems. I do know some people have had issues with a belt snapping on original ones but Garmin is quick to respond. One negative would be the shifting, while nice is probably not as quick as the kickr bike or could be a disadvantage if you are really into Zwift racing. It is a beast and keep the box just in case.

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