Let's see your paincave!

Nice and in 8 years after my daughter graduates high school I plan to sell or rent my house and then get something to drive around the US and work out of there while biking/running.


Love the Rock and Roll Road Machine.


Nice! I like how you used the sheet music holder for something else. :slight_smile:

Laptop or Tablet. Simple Things are sometimes the Best.

Gets the job done.


Trying out an Overhead fan placement. Like a ceiling fan, but 100x the RPM.


Is that a custom-built shed (vs a pre-fabricated one or a kit)? I like it! How is the overall air flow and humidity? Do you have windows and/or an air conditioner?

It’s from a kit, built from about a dozen pannels put together. Then I insulated it and boarded out the walls and had electric run from the main house.

I pretty much only use the Trainer in the winter months and early morning, It tends to be around 0c-10c when i’m training so no need for air con. I always train with the Door open which keeps the humidity down especially with the fans running, I have trained in here for 3 winters and had no problems.

As of 18 months ago It has also been my home office turning the work bench into an office desk.

Here are a couple of wide angle shots you can get an idea of the whole thing.


Great stuff, thanks!

Do you have info on those cabinets? Contemplating putting built ins in mine instead of rolling toolbox style.

This guy is just a franchise, so you should be able to locate them anywhere.

Man Cloudflare is sensitive - you’ve only had one click on the link and it’s blocking me already :sweat_smile:

This is really interesting. Have you done many rides with this set up? Is it most (only?) effective in TT position.

No it works fine in an upright position too, it’s a large 20” fan and not particularly directional so it has a fairly good spread.
I do also have a small fan on the floor directly under me blowing up.

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After a lot of hard work this weekend, this is what we’re looking at. The room is 1 half den/workspace, one half workout space. I have a fan on order for the trainer side, in the meantime, I will just move the fan. Run TR or zwift on my phone, use the tablet for watching youtube or whatever. I think I’m going to trade out the rug and mat for a giant gym mat, and then move that rug to the other side of the room, the den side.


what are the dimensions of this alleged “garage”? seems massive

@Dmortimer11 What bikerack is this? Looks kind of useful to stack two bikes like that. I guess it‘s mounted to the wall on the top, and just standing on the floor? Thanks and cheers!

I think it’s called the Michelangelo rack, there is a strap anchor on top, which I have not screwed to the wall. It is stable without, the strap would be to keep you from pulling it down onto yourself.

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I think the building is 1300 feet per floor, 1/2 is the bike shop on the first level and 1/2 is a car garage. Second floor is a mother-in-law apartment. Yes, it’s a luxury and I’m blessed to have this at age 61. Sacrificed many many years.


good for you man. top 3 here i’d say