Let's see your paincave!

Thanks. Good to know. The direto is fine for most stuff. No major complaints. I just wasn’t happy the belt wore out so quickly and replacing it was more difficult than it needed to be

From the outside, it feels like now isn’t the time to get a new trainer for you, as you spent the time and PIA to replace the belt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Now go and wear this one out, and then in many more years from now, that’s the time to buy a new trainer

Oh definitely don’t “need” a new trainer. :slight_smile:

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I’d love to know what the computer set up is too. Apple TV? Mac Mini?

Not the neatest but gets the job done.


While I‘m happy that this post is flagged (it‘s no vanguard america flag or something), I think the related post also shows some well calculated statement. At least I as well felt provoked by the flags but didn‘t dare to speak up.


Agreed. Even though someone flagged this post, I’m glad @Ericv2018 called it out.


Lol, I never even noticed the original, at least you are rid, we’ve still got another eejit in charge :hushed:


Hahah hilarious and not sure why it matters as it is in someones place.

I guess I now need to take my 12th man flag down as people might hate the Seahawks.

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I actually didn’t notice the flag until it was called out. And as @ericallenboyd said it’s in someone else’s place, and if that is where it lives normally it wasn’t “out of order”. And this is from a native lefty / progressive Californian who thinks the orange cry baby was a unmitigated disaster for the US. This isn’t meant to start a flamewar, but more to point out that I don’t think the picture in question is out of line or should have been called out. YMMV


'Muricans and their flags :man_shrugging:


After what you did to my Packers in 2014, I wish you would take it down, haha.

I won’t help your wallet, but I had a Direto for about 2.5-3 years and upgraded to a Kickr this past winter. Wow! I had similar problems as you. Super laggy with changing resistance, couldn’t use chainrings over 40t because it would just oscillate way over and under the power target, and Zwift was just about unusable. I could do ERG workouts in the small ring, that’s it, no shifting. Which was 90% of my trainer rides so it worked. But holy moly the Kickr has been such a massive upgrade and worth every penny for me. I can actually ride on Zwift. The resistance changes are fast, no laggy over/under, and I can do 15/15s again. I was super hesitant with the price but I have no regrets. Picked mine up with an REI 20% off code

Hahaha that was a good one. We have many years of being subpar and only a few good ones. Thankfully Russell Wilson stayed as we cannot win without him.

For good measure. Let me post another pic for you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I have so many additional thoughts on this, but don’t want to add fuel to the latent flames that could erupt. Suffice it to say let’s talk about cycling and TR, and in this thread, the indoor places we push ourselves.

EDIT 9/14: I realized as I editing the original post several times I didn’t confirm that I agreed with AlphaDogCycling.; that’s why the quote. Wanted to be clear that I was not confirming that it I found the original picture offensive as have some others.


Totally agree with this last paragraph, C’mon people we are here for the love of cycling and checking out people’s awesome setups.


Do you use your rower? Just seeing it makes me feel guilty because I haven’t used mine in ages.

I’ve only had the rower a little over a month. I use it mostly for some easier aerobic workouts currently. In the winter, I might add on some harder rowing workouts. I just have it for something different

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Next you can get a skierg:)

If I had room I’d consider. The skierg looks great