Let us bow our heads in silence... the demise of MTB Podcast

Yeti!! :beers:

Same for me as well. I listened to MTB podcast and ultimately bought my first indoor trainer based on their recommendation. This led me to zwift, buying a road bike, the trainerroad podcast, and now trainerroad.


@roadney Gateway drugs one and all!

You can bet the whole rig including the truck is ceramic coated!! :sunglasses:

Do you remember the episode this was on? I need to do this for me new bike.

I don’t remember the exact episode but it was one of the last few.

I’ve ceramic sealed a few vehicles and four bikes now, so have a fair bit of experience. It’s pretty straight forward and definitely easiest to do when the bike is new and in perfect condition.

My recommendation is to do a ceramic spray. This is super easy to apply and hard to screw up.

A kit like this would get the job done:

You want to prep the frame. You want to get it really, really clean. Then you want to spray with isopropyl alcohol and wipe with a clean microfiber. This gets off any remaining residue and grease. You then apply the ceramic sealant (per the manufacturer instructions). You let it dry/flash, then polish it with a microfiber. You then want to leave it overnight to cure. The next day you can apply a “boost” product like this:

The boost will add to the shine and can be reapplied periodically.

Between rides I usually clean my bike with waterless wash: Adam's Polishes Waterless Wash & Towel | Waterless Car Wash

The waterless wash has a lot of lubricants in it and helps prevent scratching of the frame as you clean it.

If the bike is very dirty, then I’ll soak it with a foam cannon and MegaFoam soap and then wash with a microfiber, before rinsing with a low pressure sprayer.


Here is a shot of my Checkpoint after it was ceramic coated with the Adam’s products. It looks shiny in the photo, but it looks even better in person. The cool thing is how easy it is to clean after it has been coated.


Looks great. Thanks for sharing your methods too.

Do you have to take apart the bike before initial application?

I usually just take the wheels off and put the bike in a bike stand, but otherwise don’t fully take it apart.

If you are building up a bike and have access to the frame and fork before the bike it put together, then applying the sealant at that time would be easiest but isn’t absolutely necessary. I did this on a Niner Hardtail I had built up last year.

Me too.Totally.
I love the TR podcasts and listen to them non stop, but most of all I enjoy the MTB ones and the one with Lee Mcormack. think it is no.127, and what a bummer it wont play on my phone podcast app.
So I will only be awarding :star: :star: :star: :star: for Jonathan’s podcast.
I really enjoyed hearing about their (Jonathan,Nate and Chad) experience in the 6 day stage race, and was quite upset when Jonathan crashed and had to drop out!
Also as a mountainbike racer I enjoy the tech talk, and discussions about different set ups on a mtb. Etc Etc.
So sad. Going to cry my way through Jacks+3 :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :sob: :sob:

Just got an email from Worldwide Cyclery: it’s back! I’ll miss Jonathan and Steven but looking forward to the new episodes, and potentially even better news: all of the old episodes are available on the feed!!


They recorded fart sounds. Off to an auspicious start…

Unfortunately it makes for a conflict of interest with having a retailer involved and much harder to take gear discussion seriously.

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Maybe they should call it the “Out of Stock” podcast or the “Special Order” podcast to fit the theme of their website. :joy:


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it was the episode where they discuss brakes - Episode 44

I have been enjoying the Pinkbike podcast.

I like their news coverage, I like the podcast. But I have to ignore the comments section.


I am also a big fan of the PB PC. Might be the largely parallel riding history I share with Levy a bit, but I find their viewpoints to be very refreshing and extremely on point within the scope of equipment / industry in particular. I think they are head and shoulders above many other casts in their approach and understand of the topics they address. 100% recommend for any MTB riders.


I especially enjoyed Levy’s conversation with Richard Cunningham & actually, anytime they have him join in, it’s a treat!


RC is gold anytime he’s on the show, but that double episode was just amazing for me… since I lived the entire era (got into MTB in 1991) and furiously digested MBA mag for years from then. He is sure an interesting guy with one heck of a history in the sport.