Let us bow our heads in silence... the demise of MTB Podcast

podtail.com has all the episodes.

@Jonathan compliments for your marketing strategy :slight_smile: I can say, it worked perfectly :wink:
After listening to all the MTB podcasts, you got me interested enough in TR, started listening to the TR podcast and finally got me to invest in a trainer and subscription :+1: (took me about 1,5 years I guess)
As a fellow marketing professional I can respect this long term approach very much :fist_left:

(@Nate_Pearson Jonathan should get a big bonus for his work, in my opinion you have a very good marketing strategy)

And I would love to hear more rambling about dreambuilds , suspension setup and all the valuable answers to user questions on the MTB podcast!


Another shout out for MTBPodcast and getting more MTB content on the TR podcast!

MTB’ers, rise up and shout!


Count me in. I keep hoping a new episode will show up in the que… Is it really dead, like for sure??? Say it aint so!

@Jonathan announced on the latest TR podcast that there will be more podcast content coming, so perhaps there will be a new version on the main TR channel?


That is something I was wondering too…

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TR version of the MTB podcast?

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Possibly. I am guessing on some more focused content than the broader one. Maybe special episodes or even recurring ones on Women’s issues (with Amber and others?), specific discipline focus, more tactics in those disciplines. Will be interesting to see where they are headed.

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Hadn’t gotten through the whole podcast yet. That would be welcome news!


Thanks to @TheStevenLewis and @Jonathan for all the MTB podcasts they did produce. Like so many others, I too, miss that podcast and would love it if they, with or without TR support, could put out some more content. Maybe when Nomad Lewis is in Reno @Nate_Pearson could invite him to be a guest on the TR podcast. Hint, hint, wink, nod.


In TR’s defense, the mountains are covered with snow around here! Kind of hard to get in the mood when we’re skiing the mountains instead of riding the mountains.





Not to hijack the thread, but I was wondering why @TheStevenLewis didn’t buy a bigger 5th wheel.



There’s always fat bikes!

I want to know if he wrapped the thing in frame protector before rolling out.


me too!

Yeti!! :beers:

Same for me as well. I listened to MTB podcast and ultimately bought my first indoor trainer based on their recommendation. This led me to zwift, buying a road bike, the trainerroad podcast, and now trainerroad.


@roadney Gateway drugs one and all!