Let’s see some Tri/TT rigs

That’s awesome….was always my dream bike when I started doing tri’s back in 2009. Ended up on a P2 because that was what I could get when Cervelo had their “Buy 2” blowout deal and I couldn’t find a P3.

And yes, the USE bar is very fast.

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That looks almost like a mirror image of my TT bike (except I have HED bars & a Tririg front brake). Time & again it has proved to be faster than my 3 year old P3 model…

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I loved the paint scheme from that year. Still one of my favorite looking bikes


Yeah - and to be honest, seems like there’s more P2s circulating on ebay than P3Cs at the moment too. Glad I had the patience to keep waiting until something appeared!

USE tulas have been great - deceptively ergonomic, and the braking is far better than the appearance makes out (especially with standard road caliper brakes)


How are you getting on with this? I realise it’s been a long time since you posted I am considering buying the disc version. Looks great but i hear it’s on the heavy side? Looking at it for a sporting tri courses.

I absolutely love this, the Jackson Pollock is perfect. What a beaut.

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Finally! After so many months! I got to ride the diamonback out!

I mean, i was expecting the bike to be quick. After all is a super bike from 2019/2020 that used to cost 10k!

But man… This bike is slippery. Even with the not really deep zipp 302…

I kept the ride on the easy side… NP was about 159 and speed was 19.3 while riding 70% of the time out of drop bars (haven’t got it fit yet and it’s not comfortable on the drops right now)

On the old bike i would have needed about 15 extra watts to get to the same speed and would ride most of the time on the drop bars…

I’m excited about how it will feel once I get it fit…

As i was telling this to my wife this morning, she told me…

“I mean, it’s a fucking $10k bike, i really expect nothing less…”

She is not wrong…


Told you so :slight_smile:

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New (to me) bike day this past week for the new time trial rig! I had been racing on an old P4, which while light and aero, was sweated to hell on and not the most comfortable for long distance tris. With qualifying for 70.3 worlds, I finally allowed myself the much desired upgrade!

My additions:

  • profile design aeria stem and hydration system
  • tri rig omega one front and rear brakes (these are absolutely amazing!)
  • old wheel set from my P4 (currently have gp5000s, but I have some Michelin power TTs that I want to try out)
  • zipp vuka 110 carbon extensions and cups (moved over from the P4)
  • rotor 55-42 q-rings (to be added this week when my new bottom bracket comes, that way I can run my 165 quarq as well)

Goal was to optimize for long distance tri, primarily 70.3s at this point (keeping the P4 for now since it’s UCI legal, and will probably put an aggressive position on that). I’m a mid pack swimmer, so I need all the help I can get to bridge back to the podium!

Took these photos after a local 10 mile TT- went 10s faster than my last trending times on 5-10 lower NP! Left time in the table since I was spinning out the 52-36 on the rollers- moving over my rings should help with that!


Did I miss a pic?

It’s somewhere in the thread … but let me save the trouble


Thanks to Katie’s TT pictures


Seen out and about when walking in Ireland


What chain length are you running? Any chain drops?

I recognize that road surface…seamons club 10?

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All of it :sweat_smile:, none so far.

Yup, got it in one! :smiley: