Triathletes, how would you build up this bike?

Howdy folks!

I’m in the fortunate position among all this COVID-19 gloom to be in possession of a swanky, weird Tri bike frameset that was on sale (I do not deserve such good fortune and I hope I’m not being a dick here). I can build a bike, indeed I already have, so know my way around Di2, routing wires/hoses, bleeding hydraulic brakes etc. Installing a press fit BB will be new to me, but it sounds manageable with a decent press and a whole lotta luck.

So here it is (I stuck some parts from the bin on it to glue it together! Ignore them):

What would you do with it? Groupset? Bars? There are some constraints here:
2x setup must be electronic, there’s no front cable port but there is a Di2 hole. If it’s mechanical, must be 1x!
It has mounting hardware for a Di2 battery and an optional port for a Di2 control box; a sram blip box can be stored in the bento box.
Can take 28mm tyres; disc brakes only.
I am both inflexible and weak, my saddle to elbow pad drop is about 5cm so I need a lot of stack!

Anyway, go wild! I’m curious to see what you’d suggest :slight_smile: Or if you just want to tell me that the Shadow-R is a UCI-illegal abomination :laughing:

That Force1 AXS Aero groupset is awfully hard to ignore for a drivetrain.

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