Let’s see some Tri/TT rigs

Hi All!
Not as top-of-the-line as some other rigs on this page, but thought I’d show off my QR PRFour Disc. First pic from a training ride a few weeks ago, the others are some shots from IM Tulsa by Finisher Pix. Really happy with these photos, best pics of me riding I’ve gotten


My rig in its pre race state. Borrowed the wheels off a mate (404/808 Firecrest), usually runs shimano R5 alloys. Ran a 2:35:xx for the 90k with a 25-30kmh headwind for the final 60k of the course.
Home made 1L BTA and still had a full bottle at the end of the course.


My first TT bike and my first time building up a bike from scratch sourcing parts on the internet.

I’ve fitted some 40 degree “high hands” extensions since this pic - still dialing in my position.


Looks awesome

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Shiv Expert Disc. Just needs some deeper wheels and we flying. In love with the paint :fire:

Have to love the special clearance pricing thanks to Specialized NZ and my local bike shop, 31% off list price.


And with tan walls


Those bikes just look so much better w/o the reservoir. :man_shrugging:


I do have to agree!

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I think I’d the reservoir was the same height as the top tube it would look better (like the draft box on a SC). When then you’d lose a lot of volume of for fluid

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Put this together for cheap (wheels are borrowed off my road bike) a couple of months ago and rode it in a 25TT this morning for the first time. Waiting for official results but think it was a 59:10. Quite pleased with that as I think there are a lot of easy gains on the table still.


Haven’t trained or raced much in over a year, between the pandemic, studying for my first medical school board exam, and recent eye surgery. But gave this guy a good clean today and excited to try out AT when I’m medically cleared to resume training this week!

Before my last big tri, IM 70.3 Lake Placid in 2019:

Looking ready to hit the road again after today’s clean:


Or full-height but slimmer, so the seat tube/reservoir width matched the fork width.

I have the same frameset in black and green and the same headset spacer mod. I am quite fond of it tbh. I did the diy top tube bosses and added a profile design attk box (which ive never actually used for any storage). Its a nice enough frameset but wish it came with some more storage options that you see on newer bikes

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I’ve bought the Profile Design Aeria HSF faceplate for the stem as I’m planning on swapping the front brake to something I can hide behind the Aeria bottle they make. Handy for longer TT’s but will mostly just use it as a nose cone with out the straw etc.

How did you do the top tube storage modification? I have access to inserts and an insert gun at work.

I just followed this video, took less than 2 minutes

Waxed chain was probably the biggest upgrade, id never used it until an event on the 12th and was seriously shocked at the difference.


Did you ever get the Troikamax? I just made the switch from rim to disc brake on the TT bike, so have a Titan/Aeox Ultimate disc combo on the way, but interested in the Troikamax as well.

Might try taking a spacer out of the front end… The revolver elbow cups are a dream.


Yup, there are some photos in this thread somewhere. I’ve only ridden it once, but boy was it fast. I’ve got my first real test coming in up in a couple weeks at a local TT.

Finally found a ~2011 era Cervélo P3C at a bargain price on Ebay - £490 for a fairly pristine frameset, with a lot of dura ace left on it - so the upgrade from my old Dolan Aria (somewhere higher up this thread) has materialised! General consensus seems to be, with the right optimisation, you can get the P3Cs somewhere “close enough” to bikes 5 times the price. It certainly feels very fast…

Currently running USE Tula bars, which don’t offer the current trend to high stack (hence the long stem), but are by all accounts super fast bars (£100 on FB marketplace). Aerolab make highsided alu arm rests for £60, but do basic job as well as the pricey carbon ones.

Gearing is Shimano Dura Ace 55/39 with a waxed chain. The next upgrades will probably by moving to a single ring 58T at the front, and sourcing a TriRig brake for the front. The Zipp wheels are borrowed from my university/“college” cycling club, which means the whole frameset build comes in at well under £1000.