Leomo TYPE S Android Bike Computer

What do you guys think, Trainerroad app running out on the road instead of say garmin head unit?

Has TR been demonstrated to work on this?

I have a hammerhead karoo (can’t recommend). I think it was the first android phone based unit out there. While I was waiting for them to get some stability with the thing last year, I tried hacking and sideloading a few apps to get some functionality. I put TR on it. Didn’t really work. The app came up ok but the sensor connection was not robust enough. The update cycles for the data varied from realtime to 5 to 10 seconds of lag. Thus ERG control was impossible. Also the in-ride instructions were all over the place. Not saying this unit is the same but just that there is more to getting these things to work than just providing the basic phone based computer. So verify before buying.


Hey, I’m pretty interested in this after seeing it on another thread. I have extra sim cards in my plan and having that extra bit of connectivity would enable me to take longer rides more often since I can usually arrange days at work to boil down to a phone call every now and then…

I watched the @GPLama review, but was hoping for a bit more in-depth on their app. Like - what are the possible data fields, is it really a sufficient Garmin replacement, etc. One of my favorite features about my 1030 is the routing and I love the distance to next data field and the little map pop-ups for when I’m traveling - anything similar offered from the Leomo.

I know Urban Biker can handle a lot of this… but just curious about the native Leomo stuff. Anyone had a go at it?

Native within their app they don’t do routing or maps. It’s handed off as something you can find yourself in the Google Play store. So for an overall user experience - it’s different to what Garmin/Wahoo/etc provide.

If you’re reaching around for something outside the Garmin/Wahoo options then maybe the Hammerhead Karoo would be something to look at. They do maps/nav within their offering… + it’s an Android ‘phone’.

My friend has the Karoo, it’s a massive piece of computer. It didn’t really push my buttons like the Leomo does for some reason.

I’m also really interested in the sensors, it’s really neat functionality and I like that sort of geeky training stuff.

and @GPlama, did you ever get some of those sensors in to play with? Would you recommend getting the full five kit (2 on the shoes, 2 on the legs, 1 on the pelvis) or is the more basic setup ok?

I picked them up at the TdU to have a look into. It’s on the cards. I’ll try replicate what Hanseno did in the presentation regarding leg movement on the pedal stroke. As for the whole kit for doing fits - well outside my area of expertise.

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Yeh, I’m waiting for that to get over to their Youtube channel. Adam has a nice one about pelvis movement on there already that I watched on the trainer last night.

It appears as though they don’t have the Type-S yet available on their EU Amazon pages - only in the UK - so I’m going to wait until these trickle out a bit and I see a few more reviews. Velonews posted one that was kind of ‘meh’ (the review that is). The reviewer seemed just kind of irritated with the product after getting an initially defective product (I mean, is it really a flaw that the screen is small or that you injured yourself playing with your own position…). Hoping for a DCrainmaker or Cyclingtips review to add to your work :slight_smile: