Leg workouts; weights and Trainer

I have been using TR for about 4 months now. I always just hit Train Now and complete whatever workout I have time for. Recently, I started doing some heavy squats and dead lifts once a week and I’m loving it and progressing. The whole point of me doing heavy squats and dead-lifts was to get faster on the bike. I want to pick a workout, once a week, that would compliment my squats and dead-lifts. What should I look for in the workouts that would help me build on that progression and put down some power?

As far as goals on the bike go. I do have a 55mi gravel race (6500ft elev. gain) coming up in June but I mostly ride for fun and fitness. My longest ride normal ride is a commute to work once a week that takes me about 1.5hrs and has some really steep hills. I also mountain bike. I really like taking off on hard sprints but I would also like to get better at concurring all the hills we have around here.

I do legs on Friday so I figured my week could look like this.
Saturday or Sunday - Easy fun on the bike outside
Take a day off
Monday - Train Now
Tuesday - Train Now
Wednesday - Murder Legs Now
Thursday - Off
Friday - Legday

If you could recommend a workout for Wednesday that would that would compliment my once a week leg routine or tell me this is a bad idea that would be cool. Gains are fun and I want this to translate to the bike in the best way possible.