Leg warmers needed -- help

I have an old 15 year old set of leg warmers. They are so old some of the fibers are starting to break down. They do not have a fleece lining, and they are not spandex material. I am having issues finding a replacement set of leg warmers that are made the same way. It seems most leg warmers now have a fleece lining making them way too hot. I have a set of pearl leg warms and they never get worn due to the fleece lining.

Anyone have any ideas on a good pair?

Castelli, along with many other brands have a range of leg warmers in all sorts of thicknesses and warmth levels. Some have a water repellent finish so it’s all down to personal preference and weather conditions.


I can’t say whether they meet your needs but I have Castelli Nanoflex and have been pretty happy with them for a few years.

I’d say they are spring/autumn, I wear them under thermal bibs in winter.

I have the merino wool ones from Mavic. They are amazing. Fit nice and snuggly and being merino wool they also hold some value in case of surprise showers. They are meant for relatively mild spring/autumn.

I’d 2nd the castelli ones. I’ve their Arm Skins and Leg Skin which are basically for Sun Block and their nano flex which are more waterproof but still not heavy. They do other thicknesses too. I’ve had other similar stuff from other brands but they don’t hold up as well.

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I’ve used:
Castelli Nanoflex: fleeced and water repellant, a bit stiff and less flexible
Castelli Thermoflex: fleeced, soft and flexible
Castelli Leg Skins: I’ve only done the arm skins, but they are super thin, less thick than lycra.
Voler Lycra: I don’t think they sell these any more. They do have a light weight sun protective pair and fleeced pairs.
Hincape Leg Warmers: fleeced but on the light side. I would say lighter than a standard fleeced warmer like the castellis but heaver than lycra.

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maybe try the Snek merino leg warmers? I don’t have any but they sure seem nice.