Full Length Cycling Pants for People with Long Legs

Does anybody have any suggestions on full length lightweight cycling pants for thin women with long legs (approximately 30-32 inseam)? Pearl Izumi pants are too short and Castelli pants work great, but they are for colder weather (at least the ones I came across). I live in an area with mild temperature all year long (45 - 75F), but I like riding in pants because I’m super allergic to insect bites. Thank you very much!

Have you tried leg warmers or leg sleeves (for sun protection)? Like these https://www.backcountry.com/castelli-upf-50-plus-leg-skins


Have you considered getting MTB pants and wearing a liner underneath?

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Id second the Leg sleaves. I used them regularly (in what is now the UK’s second hottest summer, circa 100deg F, thats global warming for you) when I needed to be extra cautious about protecting my skin and never overheated.


Thanks for your feedback. I actually feel pretty uncomfortable riding with loose pants and enjoying something more fitted.

I haven’t tried leg warmers, but I’ve tried arm sleeves and they tend to move out of place because I am too thin. :grimacing:

These would be too warm at the upper end of your temperature range, but my wife (thin with 34" inseam) has a pair for cyclocross warmups that she loves. Everyday Ziptights – LASTIG

Yeah, my partner has the same problem but the Castelli ones work for her. Warmers under socks and shorts to help keeping them in place. She prefers warmers and sun protectors instead of tights because she can wear one or two sizes down without compromising the fit elsewhere.

Anyway, fit and sizing are very personal and I guess you’ve already tried many options. FWIW, her mid weather tights are Castelli Entrata and Giordana FRC. She also has a few pieces of clothing bought in the kids/youth section.