Arm & Knee Warmer Recommendations

I am a total cold weather wimp and typically don’t ride outside unless its over 70F, but this year in my A event it was in the mid 40’s-50’s and I nearly froze on the descents. I am thinking about getting some arm & knee warmers for the future if this happens again, but I have know idea what to look for. I really like my Cuore 2in1, so looked and they have some, but I would love to hear what other people like/dislike before I regret a purchase.
Thank you!

Oh, I was just looking for them. What’s out there for sale is a lot different than what I originalls had decades ago. I think I’m going to have to use the UPS shop (order an assortment and keep what works).

The ones I had before had double grippers that dripped my skin on one side, and the inside of the jersey on the other at the top. Not sure if any of the ones I saw had that feature. Having them slip down really tends to suck. I had a set of leg warmers and I had to yank those tings up really high and put on my bibs to try to get the to stop slipping down. Sometimes it worked…

Wish I had more to offer, but I was looking at Pearl Izumi for sure. I think the old ones I had were PI.

The Black Bibs warmers are great, nondescript, and reasonably priced. They are listed under the Winter Collection section.

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Agree with both of the above. Husband and I both have Black Bibs arm and knee warmers and they are great - stay put and are warm enough. We got full length leg warmers from Pactimo when they were having a winter gear sale and those have worked great, too. Pactimo’s cold weather gear is really good in general - we finally decked ourselves out last fall and it was so much fun to ride out in November for the first time.

I like the arm- and legwarmers from Castelli


Going old-school and for maximum warmth, I’m a big fan of wool arm and knee warmers. Sometimes the near-Winter days can take a serious turn for the colder in the dawn or dusk hours. To me, the whole point of these things is that you can take them off and put them in a pocket when its nicer out.

My favorite arm warmers are SmartWool and you can sometimes find these in the bargain bin at REI or other retailers: Smartwool

I’m going to try the slightly heavier DeFeet arm and knee warmers this winter though: DeFeet

Thanks everyone for your help! I will check these out!

Rapha merino warmers.

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The Ornot knit warmers have been wonderful for me in cold-but-not-freezing weather. They breath and are snug.

I’ve got some Castelli mid weight ones which are great in the L/XL size. Grip OK but not like a tourniquet. The other thing I sometimes do if it’s chilly and there’s going to be some downhill action is wear a long sleeved merino base layer underneath a short sleeved jersey.