Left Di2 buttons free on 1X setup. What to assign to?

What do people use the “free” Di2 Buttons on a 1X setup?

I’m taking delivery of a 1X gravel bike, with a Di2 12s Ultegra derailleur and shifters. The left shifter will be free, so I’m looking for inspiration on what to set the buttons on the left shifter to (also hood shifters).

I’m having a classified powerhub shift fitted, but will not modify the left shifter to connect to the classified system (which is something that can be done), as I ultimately will move those to my road bike when the GRX DI2 is available.

Will be running on a garmin 1040.

I don’t really use laps, so not planning to use those for that, unless someone has a good case for lap use (I don’t plant to use this bike for outside workouts other than Z2, adventure, and a few long distance events).

I’ve no personal experience but I’ve heard two general philosophies:

  1. Program LH identical to RH so you’ve got redundancy in case one hand is off the bars or whatever.
  2. Program both RH buttons to shift one direction and both LH buttons to shift the other direction - meant to be particularly helpful if wearing bulky gloves in winter or other situations where finger dexterity might be compromised.

Agree with the above first one, nice for redundancy. As for hood shifters, I really like using them to cycle through data screens on Garmin and I use mine for laps in training/racing so I don’t have to reach for the head unit.

You can program a bunch of different functions for each button.
Single Press
Double Press
Press & Hold

I have double press take me immediately to my map, single press cycles the page left or right (depending on shifter) and hold either start/stop (left) or lap (right).


Ditto for dual sided shifters, but I use SRAM so it’s second nature. I do wish I had top buttons to scroll through data screens though, @wfenwick’s setup sounds pretty nice.

That’s pretty much I do on my road bike (2X Di2).

Can Di2 buttons be used to interact with ConnectIQ apps?

Garmin lists the following options as possible:

  • Next Page
  • Previous Page
  • Record Lap
  • Start/Stop Timer
  • Turn Back Light On
  • Show Map
  • Show Compass
  • Show Elevation Profile
  • Show Lap Summary
  • Show Virtual Partner

I would go with the LH/RH thing suggested in the first response but if not given the flakyness of the 1030 that still wants to rotate pages when the screen is locked (screen lock only locks the data fields :neutral_face:) I’d use the left shifter button to rotate the pages of the edge.

I’ve never locked the screen on my 1040 (nor knew that this was an option). What’s the use case for? Rain?

Yip, Rain, Sweat or Snot. A drip can cause the touch screen to get activated and often repeatedly, changing datafields from what you are following (power/speed etc) to something completely different and in some cases it can send the unit haywire. With the 1030 if you touch the power button in ride, it’ll toggle between 'touchscreen locked/ un locked)

I have an Ultegra 2X12s, but I like using the Synchro Shifting so also have the left shifter free to use for something else.
I like setting up the 2 buttons on the left shifter to control the Garmin Next/Previous Page.

There are also the buttons on top of the shifter, not using those now.

A little off topic … but this setup has helped me a lot in CX compared to my prior manual shifting setup. As mentioned it makes shifting easier with cold or gloved hands, because I just need to hit some button on either side to shift. But I also found that keeping both hands busy by shifting on each side removed a habit I think I’d got into of snatching the front brake (on the right lever) because for most of the time my right hand was the only one doing anything.

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