D-fly for lap button trigger

Is it doable to make a shimano d-fly button trigger the lap button for a garmin? My out front mount from canyon makes it kinda a pain to hit the button. Would love to make one of the hood buttons do this for me.


Yup it should be an option in your Garmin bike computer. I have my Ultegra 8070 shifters set up to do that, along with a 1030+.

I found there’s a ~3 second lag though which is a little annoying if you’re really picky about laps outside like when I was first trying 30/30s :rofl:


Awesome thanks, I’ll play around with it!

You can set it for double tap or long press too if you already have your buttons mapped to something. I have my right button double press does lap, comes in handy.

yea right now theyre just triggering the page feature on my garmin. Could easily give up the left scroll for a lap.

Maybe Ill go back to using them as shifters for single tap and garmin features for double

For reference:

The buttons can be configured to control your Edge and can offer up to four different button press types:

  • Left Single Press
  • Left Press and Hold
  • Right Single Press
  • Right Press and Hold

What Are the Options That the Di2 Buttons Can Perform on an Edge Device?

The options that can be selected are:

  • Next Page
  • Previous Page
  • Record Lap
  • Start/Stop Timer
  • Turn Back Light On
  • Show Map
  • Show Compass
  • Show Elevation Profile
  • Show Lap Summary
  • Show Virtual Partner

Awesome, thanks!

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