Di2 TT shifter help


I have some r8060 brake levers/shifters in the post which arrive tomorrow. They are the single button ones designed to be used with the synchro shifting system.

On my aero extensions I currently have the st-r671 dual button shifters.

Has anyone else had experience with these as to whether they can work together? My concern is that currently the shifters are used in standard shift mode and I wonder whether the new shift levers will work alongside them.

I have a full r8060 setup with a 5 port junction and the newer battery.

Advice much appreciated :slight_smile:

I don’t know the answer to your question, but the Shimano technical documentation is a great resource for all things di2.


I assume you have an “e-tube” compatible system? In this case you can just setup the new combined brake and single button as whatever you want them… so you can have them just control the rear mech up and down.

If you dont have the ant+/bluetooth adapter you can do this by connecting a laptop to your di2 charger while its plugged into the bike and running the e-tube software (windows only).

It’s probable that out of the box they will just shift the rear mech as that’s likely to be their default behaviour.

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Hey buddy,

Assuming you have the latest DI2 battery capable of utilizing the new E-Tube software then yes, they are compatible in the sense of utilizing the synchro shifting system.

You can assign the second tt extension buttons to do other things. I actually went the other way and put in the new TT bar end single shifters and bought the older 2 button TT brake shifters, which allow me to run full synchro (which I love) and still control the FD with the second TT brake buttons. You could alternatively control your head unit with the additional buttons assuming you have the wireless adapter.

You should have no issues mix and matching those components. Just make sure to download the latest E-Tube software and update the components. IMO the phone app sucks but it will eventually update if it keeps crashing.

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Awesome, thanks so much for this :+1:

Reviving an old thread rather than starting a new!

I have R671 two-button shifters on both bar end extensions. I have R8060 single button on the base bar. If relevant, I have the DN110 battery.

For some reason, the R671 RD buttons are the “wrong way around” - i.e. the two buttons move the chain in opposite directions to what I am used to.

I have plugged it into the etube software but I can only find options for swapping the function of the base bar/R8060 buttons and for fiddling with synchro shift, but nothing about just changing the way the R671 buttons work.

Any hints appreciated! Thanks!