Leadville 100 - Structure Training vs. Winging It

Lot’s of great Leadville discussion in the forum. Love to see that!

I am planning on my third Leadville 100 this summer and am a brand new TR user. I am starting with the MV volume XC Marathon plan as a way to implement structured training for the first time.

Background: I have been racing for ~8 years but have never done any sort of structured training. In my second LT100 in 2016, I was riding 6-8 hours a week a mainly having fun getting fit and improving riding skills. I finished this race in 8:04 - actually was quite surprised I finished that quickly.

I really wish I had my FTP going into this race, but at that time I could not have told you what FTP means. This year, with a little structured training, I am hoping to go sub-8:00 in the race. My first ramp test returned a 280W FTP at 3.6 W/KG. I hope to be >4.2W/KG by the summer – we will see…

Does anyone have experience implementing a TR plan after years of unstructured training? What were your results in Leadville or other similar length races? Any tips for balancing the TR plan with prep for the race?