Garmin Vector 1 dropouts

I recently picked up a set of used Garmin Vector 1s cheap for a training/ all road bike. I’ve set them up with the correct torque, calibrated and put new batteries in, but the power data is all over the place. My 3s power jumps around like 100watts. When I look at the power data it has many dropouts. I’ve read that you can upgrade the pods to the newer model. Has anyone had similar issues and done this? I’m tossing up wether to abandon them and buy a stages or upgrade for $100ish to have a working PM

I can attach a power file if that helps?

I had Vector 1 for many years (now running V3) but didn’t see spikes to quite that degree. Pedal based PMs are more spikey but that seems excessive. Did you bed them in after first fitting? Recommended that once torqued up that you do several hard sprints on them before first use.
You used to be able to upgrade to the V2 battery pods but that option seems to have disappeared from many sites since Garmin brought out the Rally series. Possibly put them in for a service and bearing change if your willing to spend a little more - if you’re UK/EU based then Cyclepowermeters are priced very reasonably

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Had 1s for a while then upgraded to the ralley. I would question connectivity and interference. Do you have the garmin connect app running? If you calibrate with that make sure you kill the app entirely.

If you have a head unit and tr, they could be fighting.

New batteries. Delete and re add the connection. Bluetooth > ant+

Mostly using them outside. However I have also tested them with TR which gave similar results. I’ve been running them for 2-3 months so I would think they would be bedded in. Have deleted and re paired/ calibrated a few times…
Bearings etc seem smooth

what head unit/method of connection? consistent amount of drop outs over months and new batteries is probably just the device itself…i’ve seen good comments on their customer service, maybe a nice discount on a upgrade could be had with an email to them.

Only if you have it from new; this is a second hand unit

Been a few years now, but when I had a second hand watch they were still pretty good for me. I think it cost me $100 to replace a $300 watch.

I have 2 pairs of vector 1s and 2 pairs of vector 2s. Never had big spikes. Do you have the correct spacers between pods and crank arm? Pod should not be in contact with crank arm.

An issue I had with the Vector 2’s about a year ago is that the battery door threading on the pedal itself is plastic, so it is easy to smash it when you are tightening the cap back on. This ruins the fit and seal and caused major drop outs.

Garmin replaced the body and also upgraded the inner contact points for the battery as well.

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good tip.