Tip regarding Vector 3 right pedal disconnect

FYI, if you use Garmin Connect on an iOS device to link your right side pedals, be sure to remove the vectors from the app and forget it in your Bluetooth settings. I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out why my right side pedal kept disconnecting during my workout. Turns out the pedals kept connecting to my phone.

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This is generally true of most Bluetooth devices, speakers, etc. I fall for this occasionally.

Did the linking resolve your issue from the prior thread?

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Also, you can just close the Garmin Connect (or other offending) app. Rather than forgetting it. I usually have to make sure I close TR on my phone so my phone doesn’t poach the pedals from the iPad.

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Not yet, I did some research and people suggest letting the pedals undisturbed over night to let the connection reset. Tomorrow morning I will connect the pedals with my edge 520 and see if I can link the pedals with my edge.

Regarding Bluetooth, I’m using ant+ on my MacBook for workouts, shouldn’t the pedals be able to connect both protocols simultaneously?

Yes. It’s how people run Zwift and TR simultaneously. I do it often.

This didn’t work for me. Even after force quitting the connect app I still saw the pedals connected to my phone via Bluetooth.

That’s odd if there wasn’t another app (like TR) open that would pair it.

Anyway, I hope you get resolution for this tomorrow. I had a week of really bad workouts and getting down on myself after changing batteries and forgetting to repair the right pedal. It was a rough go!

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So I just learned that my right-side pedal has been disconnected since I replaced my battery two months ago, yay. My Edge headunit didn’t tell me that the right-side pedal wasn’t connected, because it’s paired, just not connected ;). I found this out because I have no cycling dynamics data for the last two months, despite having the feature enabled.