Vector 3 lag time

I’ve been loving trainer road via virtual power and a dumb trainer. I picked up these garmin pedals hoping to make my workouts better, but it’s way worse.

Both power and cadence seem to lag by about 25 seconds. I’ll be pedaling at 90 rpm and 120 watts and then start spinning as fast as I can and the program still reads 90 rpm and 120 watts. 30 seconds later it will jump to 110 rpm and 270 watts.

Then I stop pedaling completely and both rpm and power continue to read for ~25 seconds making it totally impossible to do the workouts.

I’ve calibrated the pedals both via TrainerRoad and the garmin app. No help.

Using the wahoo app there’s still a lag but not nearly as bad. Any advice other than to give up and go back to virtual power?

Is there a firmware update or reset that you can do? It looks to be an issue with the pedals.

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Many of us use those same pedals without anything like that going on. Tr’s support is really good, I would start with them but I suspect you have a garmin warranty issue on your hands. They didn’t give me any grief replacing a messed up hrm so that may not be so bad either.

My Vector’s just started doing something similar thing this morning with weird jumps in power. I’m assuming it’s a bad battery. I would suggest you replace all the batteries first.

how do they perform outside? I use Vector 3S with no problems. Only problems I had were power spikes / drops outside when I was using 2 batteries instead of one “double” battery.

Thanks everyone for your help. I’ve actually never used these outside; it’s cold and snowswept here NE Ohio (I’m in exile from NYC, but the cycling here is fantastic), so these pedals, a dumb trainer, my 1988 Cannondale Black Lightning, and TR is my plan until late Feb/ early March.

I switched both the battery caps and transitioned to running the TR app on my phone as opposed to my laptop.

It seems to be working better now.

I should add that this is all over bluetooth and not ant+. I suppose you’ll all tell me to buy a dongle.

I’m the global defender of Vector 3s here… been running them almost 3 years now, and I’ve had almost every issue these pedals have had. Never heard of this one!

For me, in both cases Vector 3s and Stages L, similar probkem is connected with low battery. After replacing everything just works fine. I didn’t notice the same issue with dual side power meters I had/have. Giant Power Pro and Favero Assioma Duo (i don’t use it anymore - I destroyed the pedals in a crash). I use only bluetooth.