Latest client update dropping all connections?

The latest update (2021.32.0.89?) appears to be dropping all connections to my devices.
Here’s what I run:
KickR Snap
Wahoo TickRFit
Garmin Vector 2

All ran fine, as usual, on my session yesterday (downloading an update in the background). It installed an update to the TR client when I started this morning and all my devices vanish after a few seconds as if ant + and bluetooth have been switched off. Restarting TR they re-appear for a few seconds then vanish again. I usually run TR on a mac but I’ve tried my win10 laptop - that will connect the devices but even the spindown calibration fails and so I suspect a similar issue.

Has anyone else noticed similar with the new update?

For anyone with a similar issue:
Looks like this issue wasn’t related to the client update. I fixed it myself using information I found here: How to Fix ANT+ Dropouts in Zwift - Zwift Insider

I forced my router to use channel 4 and that seems to have fixed it.

Oh no! Sorry for the trouble. Moving forward, I’d definitely reach out to when you’re having issues. They’ll be happy to walk you through device connectivity troubleshooting!