Late start duplicates session


I had this happen a few times, but today for example: I had Goddard scheduled for yesterday, opened the app, tapped on yesterday’s entry in the calendar and loaded the work out. Did the session. When I finished, now Goddard appears twice - yesterday as a missed session and today as a completed session.

Maybe this is behaving as designed but it’s counterintuitive to me and leaves me feeling bad for the “missed” session which (in a small way) makes me feel like today’s session didn’t catch up.

Are you completing the working after midnight local time? If so then this makes sense - they are simply using the completion date/time stamp to determine when you did a workout as opposed to the start date/time stamp.

If you aren’t completing after midnight then maybe the timezone on your account is set incorrectly?

I’m pretty sure this is how it’s designed to be, you can go into your calendar on the browser and move yesterday’s “missed” workout to today and if it doesn’t automatically match it to the one you completed then you can manually match them.
… and eventually that’ll sync to whatever TR app ur using
Hope that helps

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Yep. Synced in the app after that straight away, then refreshed the browser and the duplicate disappeared.


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