Late Night Workouts: Scientific Deep Dive w/Dr. Kyle Pfaffenbach – Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast 458

This might be my favorite podcast episode we’ve recorded. Kyle was a fantastic guest, and we have so many more topics we’d like to cover with him on future episodes if y’all would like to hear more from him!

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This was a great episode - I asked the second question on late night protein intake to hit macros and did not expect to get such a great, in depth response. I had always viewed protein as just building blocks for muscle repair, but hearing that it actually triggers a recovery state and protein synthesis is huge. I’m definitely making sure I never miss my post ride protein if at all possible from now on.

There are some days where I’m out and about and fitting in 140+g of protein in a day healthily is a real challenge. The holidays were a prime example of this. What are your guy’s go to sources of easy to eat, quick protein outside of shakes?


Thanks for submitting it! Cool to put a forum username to a … name :slight_smile:

I know this may not be quick for some, but for me, we always try to have cubed chicken breasts cooked that are easy to toss into things, and if I haven’t gotten enough protein, I throw some chicken in with some spring mix and a light vinaigrette. As long as you don’t go crazy on the dressing, it’s a great, low-fat way to get in a some protein and some greens (which, speaking for myself, I could always get more of).


If you get the natural ones rotisserie chickens are great. I snack on them all week. I usually eat most of the white meat but I feel like it’s a quick snack to get some more protein that doesn’t take any prep on your end. Little more fattening than chicken breast but the convenience is great.


This was a good one. Dr. pfaffenbach is a natural teacher and clearly knowledgeable.


Twas awesome. Had my non athlete wife listen to melatonin discussion, circadian rhythm discussion and suggestions for adjusting to time changes. And my teen who is doing soccer and weights to the recovery discussion.

Great episode with lots of learnings for both cyclists and more general audience. And I’m only 45 min into the podcast.


This thread had a lot of good tips, from a vegetarian/vegan perspective.

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It’s really challenging to get better value than a Costco Roast Chicken. An you can always make broth with the stuff you can’t or don’t want to get off the bone.

I’ve been augmenting some of my meals with pea protein. It boosts my oatmeal in the morning, and dinner in the evening if it’s looking short.

@Jonathan 's suggestion of Fairlife high protien milk is now in the mix. 10g here, 11g there all adds up through out the day.

To @SacSasquatch 's point yeah, 140g is challenging.


Must say this was one damn good podcast, really, both from general health perspective and endurance racing perspective.:ok_hand:


This was a great episode. Keep up the good work and definitely have Kyle back on (he was amazing)!


As someone who is a morning person but has to train late night due to tending to the kids in the early mornings this episode was on time and on point for me. The topic of macros and protein was a bonus. I’ll listen again and will be taking notes.

I appreciate how Kyle is able to communicate his vast knowledge into an understandable and applicable form. Yes, have Kyle back!


@Jonathan, Other very interesting point besides the protein discussion, is about the amount of Fructose that can be absorbed and actual used in our training workouts and rides, the amount we and all the high end drink mixes are using in the 1:1 or 1:0.8 ratios, well overpass what Dr. Kyle mention that the liver can actually process and provide us as energy, my understanding is that the rest is stored as fat, something we do not want.
Any thoughts?

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I really appreciated Nate’s update on the recent protein study that you can ingest more than 20g-30g at one time and the increase even up to 100g is measurable in muscle protein synthesis.

I think what I most appreciated from the doctor was getting specific about macro targets by weight plus all of the other non nutrition stuff.


I really appreciated this podcast. Dr. Pfaffenbach was refreshing, eminently listenable and knowledgeable. So much good, practical information, delivered with nuance. Thank you.


Here are a few no-cook ideas for snacks or to supplement meals:

  • Non-fat skyr + fruit (19g for 6 oz)
  • Dry roasted edamame (14 g for 1/3 cup)
  • Light Babybel cheese (12 g per 2 cheeses)
  • Whole grain crackers + cottage cheese (13 g per 1/2 c cottage cheese, plus 2-3 g for crackers)
  • Ezekiel bread (toasted) + labneh + everything bagel spice (5+ g per slice)

Fanfreakingtastic podcast. I was committed to two and a half hours of Z2 on the trainer today, couldn’t stand listening to my tired playlists for that long, so I fired up the podcast and hoped it wouldn’t overload my brain. Had no problems. Great topics, great chemistry with the guest, it had “accessible” science from a really likable smarty pants guy who seems curious, fun and open minded despite having classically trained scientist creds. I didn’t have to hit the “go back and repeat the last 15 seconds” button even one time, the flow of the conversation was great. Bring him back for sure.


Bravo on an exceptional podcast! While many recent casts have been a bit stale, this lit the fire again. Nice work by all on this one!


So good sources for amylopectin for mixing in bottles/home made gels?

Coke in a plastic bottle is a different product to coke in a glass bottle? Is that common knowledge and I’m the last person to realise this?