Planning for three big weekends in a row

I am 99% sure this has been talked about (at least similar enough), so if anyone can point to a thread I will happily go there.

I am looking at doing three 100 mile MTB races in a row this summer. 8ish hours each? I would think I would plan to make the first one my A race.

I have no chance of winning these races. But I will be racing them as if I was trying to win.

Do any of them have a higher importance to you personally?

I guess there’s two trains of thought. Last one as the A-Race and treat the recovery between races 1 and 2, and 2 and 3 as the taper. Or set the first one as your A-Race and taper down knowing you won’t gain any meaningful fitness through training during the recovery anyway.

Less risk of carrying in too much fatigue with the second option, but I know you log a lot of training so may not struggle with shedding fatigue like some (me) do.

Just my 2c.


No, all carry equal weight to me.

I will be driving cross country between them, so I won’t be riding a lot. I will probably still log a few hours a day every day when I stop driving, but I don’t plan to train at all, just go for a ride.

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As above, since there is no order preference, I think treating the final one as the A event might be best. You will get the taper leading into it, but also partly into the 2 prior weekends, which makes sense to me at least.

I’d have to search, but another possible place to look is a blog article that I think addresses this from a CX racing perspective, of having races each week as part of the Specialty phase. I will try a quick search to see if I can find it.