Last minute advice for Seven UCI Gravel Series

Hi all,

In just over 3 weeks (May 15th) I’m taking part in

It’s an epic gravel race in Western Australia (125km / 3,400 metres climbing). Now I’m not in it to compete, but more just trying to finish within the 10 hour cut off.

My training hasn’t been great (or good haha) in the build up, various reasons like isolation rules for covid, being a bit lazy & just life!

So having just got back on the app and done a ramp test (186 FTP), I’m 188cm and 100kg… the app has suggested workouts in my calendar for the plan I previously setup.

It’s all been adapted (amazing feature btw!). But here’s my question… most of the rides are relatively easy endurance rides, should I get out to the local hills and do some tougher workouts for the next few weekends? Or stick to the plan?

For info - I’m riding a Giant Revolt Advanced 0 with a dropper.

Thanks in advance!

AT should get you most of the way fitness wise, but there is something to be said for spending some longer hours on the bike you will ride for the event. If nothing more than just to make sure that you are comfortable on the bike, and nothing needs adjusted. Remember, there’s also outdoor workouts within the program that you can take advantage of, so that could be a way to get outdoor too.

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