Lanterne Rouge YouTuber

He keeps appearing in my suggestions, his videos contain a lot of data and taken on face value makes a lot of sense but who is he? Is there science and knowledge between the views?


He is just making high quality content with good analysis on relevant material consistently. He deserves all the views that he gets. Probably my favourite cycling youtube channel along with Vegan cyclist at the moment.

He is a fully qualified solicitor as well I believe, so he has good insight into the legal stuff and anti doping processes, his analysis goes far beyond that you would find in a normal post race article or podcast (excluding how the race was won by cosmo catalano, different style though) and he has interesting opinions and takes on everything pro cycling. Bonus, he is funny as well and his running content is cool.


I enjoy his vids.


I watch his vids too.

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No, He is just Remco Evenepoel fanboy…



I’ve seen some of his guest videos with @NorCal_Cycling. I think he’s legit.


There are times I enjoy him, then there are times I want to reach through the screen and punch him.

I prefer is Race Analysis over is Opinion Rants.

His latest diatribe over NTT and the doctors being from CSC - Tinkoff Era when Mr 60%er was running the show and now is Managing NTT… sigh!

Stick to Race Analysis… I enjoy those theories and its great to see Past Efforts when the Sport was rife with EPO, Blood Doping and so on.

Not saying our Sport is Clean, but Cleaner than before.

He should also be Heard and not Seen!


I do love those Race Analysis Videos… so I guess I subscribe to him and just watch the Episodes that interest me…

wait… isn’t this just like old school TV? :stuck_out_tongue:

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In my opinion, the dude makes some of the best cycling videos on YouTube. His analysis is always very in depth, and even though almost all of it is in regards to people way faster than me, I still feel the videos offer lots of learning opportunities.


So far I have really enjoyed his race breakdowns and can’t fault his analysis. Not got into the rants too much but this is YouTube so only a matter of time :kissing_heart:
Interestingly his breakdown of performances appear to be spot on; the stuff with @NorCal_Cycling was very good, so wondered if he had any first hand experience. Pretty sure I saw a bike in the background once.


Is there a problem with wanting to have a clean sport and discussing it?

Even if you are one of the fans who do not want to know anything “dirty” happening with sport and just want to enjoy it (which I can understand), then just don’t watch those.

I think that it is absolutely a must for a person truly passionaite about the subject to get to know it from the good side and bad side. Be it doping, harmful eating habbits/issues, motor doping or anything else in cycling.

I would invite you to listen to this interview with Jorg Jaksche expro with Telekom, CSC and Tinkoff-Saxobank


This is where I ran across him too. I hold @NorCal_Cycling in high regard so yeah I think he’s good!

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ICYMI: He’s covering women’s cycling now too. Fantastic to see.


He played a huge role getting me into watching cycling

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He also sports cool aero haircuts from time to time. Kind of quirky in a super positive way. I’ve got huge respect for his knowledge, seems like he’s crawled almost each available race footage since the 90’s and more. The world needs more genuine and independent creators like LR!

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I assume there will be more ranting/non-analysis content moving forward to a degree as I believe he is (or has) moved to Europe to focus more on cycling content production. He was a lawyer in Oz and was doing this as purely a side hobby - now he is making a more concerted go at it. I assume more non-race analysis stuff will naturally make it’s way as he looks to have more content to push out more regularly. He’s also negotiated some exclusive deals to have access to actual race footage for his videos so the analysis stuff should continue to be high quality.

I’ve tried watching his channel and just can’t. He’s talking the entire time and there is no race sound in any video I’ve seen. I don’t mind commentary but I want to hear the actual racing too, even if it’s horns and pedestrians. Feels like I’m watching a podcast

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One thing to consider is a) it is a podcast or at least most of his race coverage is podcast format and b) until this year he doesn’t have the re-broadcast rights to play actual coverage and in this case he doesn’t have them all.

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Valid I just don’t enjoy that style I find it kind of in-engaging. I just watch NBC sports sometimes but I don’t really follow racing anyway so maybe I’m no one to have an opinion

I love me some Lanterne Rouge - his insights and analysis are really interesting to me

Love the women’s race coverage as mentioned above! So much better than just a passing highlight clip or brief headline.

I learn a lot from him about racing and somehow am completely drawn in on each of his videos I’ve watched, really cool stuff!

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